…if they slowed their search results by even one second according to resent research.

(See the infographic below for the full picture.)

Is that insane or what?

Where we once worried about the sense of entitlement prevalent in the younger generation aren’t we now facing a new dilemma across all generations?

Urgency junkies everywhere becoming addicted to the feeling of instant gratification.

Voice mails and emails seem so old school compared to texting and instant chat, migrating us from a mindset of entitlement to what I affectionately call (and trademarked) a One-Click Society™.

With the constant influx of data through multiple communication touch points you’re no longer as willing to “wait” . Technology has trained you to move on quicker to get what you want faster.

And if you can’t get what you want exactly when you want it?

You “bounce”.

Think about it…

One in four people will abandon a web page if it takes more than four seconds to load.

(Before you write this off as geek speak, stay with me so you can see what this really means to you.)

Considering Google projects slowing their search results by 4/10 of a second would cost them 8 million searches per DAY, do you really expect people will patiently wait for your latest and greatest post to load?

I doubt it.

Do you know many visitors are you losing due to flash, big graphics and bad hosting?

Review this infographic from our friends at the Online Graduate Programs and you tell me if you think I’m exaggerating the current societal state of affairs.

Instant America

Created by: Online Graduate Programs

So what do you think…

Are we a One Click Society™ or what?

Will our nation burn out from overwhelmnation?

Or will we continue to raise the bar, leaving behind those who can’t “keep up”?

Please leave a comment below and leave your vote.

[My new book The OCS Syndrome being published this summer by Sterling & Stone llc is going to focus on this instant gratification society we are living in. I’d love to hear your personal stories about being addicted to over drive. Send me a note in the comments to contact you if I think I can incorporate your story in my book.]