Today on One Click Society at  Positive World Radio Network, I talk with one of the most awesome new bloggers out there, Mars Dorian. Mars understands something many long time bloggers still can’t grasp: content is the key, but so is living up to your potential.

If you take the way you are right now
and you promote that, then it’s not as inspiring and motivational as it could be because we still carry a lot of
garbage from society, right? You don’t live to your fullest
potential. I always say that instead of being yourself, become
the person you want to be, like your ideal version in your mind,
and then work towards that with everything you do. Never say to
yourself, “I’m just this way or this way.” Find your ideal
version and say, “What would this version of me do in this
situation?” And then you act like this.

…in the beginning, I was really lost. I was really lost in the
jungle. I had so many crazy ideas in my head, so many passionate
ideas, but it took me a few months to find my real brand in
terms of the person that I want to be. It’s really hard to write
the way that you are in real life, right? For me, it’s very easy
if I talk to a person to show what I’m all about, to be
authentic. But when it comes to writing, because I’m not the
greatest writer in the world, it took me a while to actually
make that transition. That’s what I did over a couple of months,
and I just thought about what part of yourself do you want to
show the world. What is the thing that you want to represent?
And then I worked towards that goal

You can listen to my entire interview with Mars at One Click Society just by clicking here.

Or download the complete transcript of my conversation with Mars Dorian here.

Recently on One Click Society I had a down-to-earth conversation with Nova Spivack who has been to the edge of space. He talked a lot about the Semantic Web and the future of search and social media. Very cool stuff!

“I worked at Thinking Machines which made, at the time, the most powerful parallel supercomputer in the world. One of the things they were doing there was a lot of different simulations, artificial intelligence type simulations of the brain, as well as all kinds of simulations of physics and emergent computation. A lot of the stuff that I did there and just the exposure I got to all these different projects that were working on artificial life and emergence really helped me think about the early days of the Web. And I ended up building there, before the Web started, I built basically their own web. It was a multimedia hypertext database of all the different projects on all their Thinking Machines installations around the world that you could browse. It was very much like the Web.

And then when the Web came out, in the early days it was actually Gopher before the Web. In those early days, I realized hey, this is a platform where you can do this kind of thing. So I think that kind of thinking launched me into that. I had also done a lot of work on neural maps and other kinds of systems at other companies. I worked on information filtering at a company called Individual. So I was pretty familiar with a lot of these concepts, which then came into play as the Web began.”

Listen to my entire interview with Nova Spivack on the Positive World Radio Network here.

Download the complete transcript of my One Click Society conversation with Nova Spivack just by clicking here.

Google’s mission statement “Do No Evil”, without fail, reminds me of Hamlet’s famous quote…

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”
–From Hamlet (III, ii, 239)

I’m just wondering why they chose that?  Typically when someone focuses too much on what they are NOT going to do, it’s because…

a.  The know they can do it if they want to.

b. They’ve done it before.

Which is why I ask to join me as I give pause to “Do No Evil” as a mission statement, remembering all the legitimate business who lost a ranking over night, and therefore their business because Google didn’t like the way they did something.  This doesn’t even include the net kill (as opposed to road kill) created by the new instant search Google caffeine…

Look, I’ve never been Google slapped, so I’m not bitter about anything, I’m just concerned.  I’ve never even gotten a warning for anything from them, so I’m not in the internet marketing crowd of 50,000+ marketers who were banned for life from Google to pretty up the net or to maybe free up some spam space.

If you are still on the fence about Google’s being seemingly altruistic or not, you might want to ask yourself one question – why do almost none of the top bloggers like Copyblogger or Leo from ZenHabits want Adsense or any ads on their site ?

Because it looks SPAMMY, right? Pretty ironic…

You can differentiate by having product information. But Google scrapes it. You can differentiate through consumer & editorial reviews. But Google scrapes it. You can differentiate by brand, but Google sells branded keywords to competitors. No matter what you do, Google competes against you. You can opt out of being scraped, but then you get no search traffic (& the ecosystem is set up to pay someone else to scrape your content + wrap it in ads).

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