admin control

Do you manage social media for clients or does someone manage yours?

Who has access to your passwords and accounts?

Do you have a policy or contract protecting you if someone leaves or gets fired?

You should.  Immediately.

I’m seeing more and more issues pop up on various discussion forums just in the last few weeks.  I’ve heard of one agency whose client with 20,000+ fans page got deleted by a disgruntled employee.  Another person had to deal with vulgarity and x rated videos on their flower channel at you tube.

These are very serious situations.  Facebook doesn’t provide you with many alternatives to protecting your accounts.  If someone has admin control, it only takes one little click for it to all be gone in minutes.  And don’t forget the human error factor, which is why it is key to always have more than one admin as a back up.

Do you have a social media policy for employees and for contractors?  What do you think works best?

Offensive behavior and image issues are among the most common problems that surface when employees mix business with personal use of social-networking sites, according to Andrew Tanick, an attorney with employment law firm Ford & Harrison in Minneapolis. “People put things on their Facebook page that they wouldn’t normally put in writing,” he says.

To avoid such snafus in your company, consider crafting your own social media policy. Here are three ways your business can benefit from establishing even the most basic guidelines.

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