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Here is an article that I wrote for Pick The Brain’s “90 days do a better you.”

3 Sure Fire Signs You Are Addicted To Overdrive

Do you spend your day buried in your social network, email, or text messages?

Do you have a better relationship with your technology than you do with yourself?

Does your pulse race with every looming to-do item in your face?

If you’re like me, you have become addicted to overdrive, struggling to maintain the quiet space in your life, running from it, believing you have too much to do to just “be.”

#1 What Does Downtime Mean To You?

Do you consider going to the gym your downtime?  The answer is NO if you’ve tied it to any outcome, even positive ones, such as staying healthy, fit, or losing weight.

Anything with a goal attached is still task orientated.  If you’re someone who exercises “just to clear your mind”, and have not associated it with something you check off your list of accomplishments, then I might agree it could be considered “down time”.

Is it really as powerful as sitting in a dark room for 10 minutes doing nothing?  Thinking about nothing.  Searching for nothing.  Just letting you be you, feeling you, and absorbing any insights or energy that comes your way.  Even short 15 minute power naps are a gift you give to your body and mind to recharge them.

Try finding space for you 10 minutes a day.  Once it becomes a habit, try doing it twice a day, eventually moving towards 3 times.  Yes, in the beginning actually doing it will feel like a “task” to some of you.  Which is exactly how an addict might feel struggling to avoid their next fix, right?

“If you think you can’t, you must.”   ~ Tony Robbins



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