Swiss Know More Than Cheese

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Pssst…wanna know a secret? Switzerland is one of the fastest adopters of social media marketing in the world. That’s right, when they aren’t skiing in the alps, business owners in Switzerland are quickly learning to navigate the Social Web, integrating social media marketing into their existing infrastructure making them one of the largest growth markets for social media managers.

Now, before you start packing your parka, hot chocolate and ski boots, remember, lots of new social media markets are emerging all around the world, just as they are in Switzerland. Chief among these are China, South America and of course, right here in the United States. It doesn’t matter so much where you are wanting to work, it is very likely someone in that area is already using social media marketing to promote their business, brand or product or they want to.

Sure, some countries make it easy to create a social media marketing plan that works because their population is comprised mostly of smartphone users (like Switzerland) and early adopters of new technologies, but that doesn’t mean opportunities are limited to a few choice locations. Instead, you should look at this latest piece of information about the growth of social media use in Switzerland as yet another sign that this new communication method still has plenty of room to grow.

True, the Social Web is far into its adolescence, but it’s also true that the end is no where in sight. There are still miles to go before anyone sleeps when it comes to new ways of using social media to market your products. In fact, as quickly as we learn to effectively use one social media tool another one, entirely unique in its own way, pops up. In this way social media is offering a multitude of diversity to fit all needs and a near endless ability to redefine itself as new technologies become available.


Despite this Switzerland is in a unique position, said Schäfer, as it has an incredible density of people who use smartphones that can consult social media sites, especially the iPhone which is owned by some 1.2 million people. The alpine nation is also home to an estimated 200,000 Twitter users.

Switzerland’s sensitivity to language issues and distinctive cultures can also be an advantage when it comes to social media, say the founders.

“Each different language region has its own style. This means that each area uses specific themes to create or produce news for social media,” said Schäfer.

Zurich and Geneva are the two most active social media hubs in Switzerland. Geneva organises an annual new digital technologies conference called Lift, which this year takes place from February 22-24. Bern also has a very active blogging scene.

Click here to read more about the growth of SMM in Switzerland.

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Ascentive February 22, 2012 at 7:38 pm

Yes indeed, the Swiss know more than Cheese, Chocolate or Watches.

I will check with my folks to get more info about the conferences. Maybe I can be there too someday.



Matej Tomic February 24, 2012 at 1:44 pm

Thx for saying this out loud, Jerry. I’ve been trying to promote the same lately due to my current situation. Yes we do, so international companies should be thinking about hiring some more Swiss media graduates!


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