Super Bowl Social Media Success!

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Social Media Command Center Justifies Its Own Existence

When Indianapolis was chosen to host Super Bowl XLVI, many dismayed gasps were heard as people complained the city was “too small”; too bereft of anything to do for and too ill-equipped to handle the throngs of football fans expected to attend the event.

To both prove it could host the Super Bowl as well as anyone else, and to exceed the expectations of everyone involved, Indianapolis established the first Super Bowl Social Media Command Center to integrate social media into event festivities and meet the needs of everyone who had anything to say about Super Bowl XLVI. They set up a 2,800 square foot office space, hired social media analysts Raidious, and recruited a team of volunteer social media monitors to keep tabs on the social web and help people who were lost, confused or just needed a decent place to park.

How did all these efforts pay off? Handsomely.

Indianapolis is being lauded as the most hospitable of all Super Bowl host cities. Their reputation for being fan and visitor friendly is spreading far and wide. Their social media efforts also made social media the most oft-used tool for information about the Super Bowl, outside of a general search. They delivered almost 2 million social media impressions before and during the event; responding to questions, assisting people and doing just about anything it is possible to do with social media.

Going forward it seems likely that every Super Bowl will be equipped with a social media command center of some sort. Starting off with a bang! Indianapolis has set the bar pretty high. It has shown the effectiveness of social media and what can be done when it is treated as powerful tool, not just a toy. It also seems likely other cities will adopt a similar approach when it comes to how the host big ticket events. At least, they will if they know what’s good for them and their visitors.

With some 150,000 people expected to flood downtown Indianapolis for Super Bowl festivities, the command center functioned as an innovative way to keep football fans informed and under control.

Jackson says it had a direct reach of about 49,000 people in the Indianapolis area over Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and YouTube. Overall, the command center delivered some 1.8 million online impressions each day for the Indianapolis host committee.

Brad Carlson, the host committee’s vice president of marketing, told Mashable that he is “sure this trend will continue” as social media becomes increasingly widespread. The committee tapped Jackson’s digital marketing agency Raidious to run the operation, which Carlson said became a hot spot for tours by other event and civic organizations.

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Colin February 7, 2012 at 2:54 pm

nice case study, its a positive reinforcement to see examples of teams that have taken a string of theories on social media and put it together in a real way.

I think Obama’s hangout would be another in that category…

I put some more thoughts into my own blog, trying to get deep into ideas, at the noted website.


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