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social media marketingIf you have a social media marketing campaign you should have a blog. And if you have a blog you are looking for a blog post to go viral, there is a formula to follow. It may seem like the most difficult but if you follow a few specific steps and you can generate the content recommended in this post by Francisco at SociaMouths, you can do it.
Sure, not every post you write will go viral. Not every call to action will be answered by thousands of people eager to do your bidding. But if you follow a formula, a time tested trial-by-fire formula, you are more likely to get the results you are looking for.
Everything is a system. Hemmingway used a system when he wrote his famous books. Physics, is a system. Poker is a system. Figure out the system and you are in a much better position to eventually win the game than if you just keep shooting in the dark.

Is it possible to plan and write a blog post to reach a precise amount of exposure, engagement or traffic?

Without Jennifer Aniston?

Of course it is possible, if you pay close attention to your blog performance, the industry, and how the blogosphere behaves, you can actually anticipate what kind of exposure each blog will get. If you promote all your content the same way, you will still know based purely on the type of content you’re about to drop.

If you have been blogging for a while, I bet you can tell the different kinds of posts you publish and which ones perform better without even looking at the stats. Do the exercise.

But this post is not just about that, this is about how to prepare a post to spread like crazy or as the interwebz citizens like to call it, go viral.
Here is what I want to deliver with this post

* I want to reveal the little process I went through when I wrote one of my recent (and successful) posts
* I’ll share with you my goals and the results I had so far with that post
* The goal is for you to walk away with some guidance on how to set your next post on fire

Click here to read the entire article by Francisco at SocialMouths.

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