SPAM OR SPLAM: Would You Shoot The Bear? (video review)

by Lori Taylor · 4 comments

If you haven’t seen this it’s a must watch!


Not only is it interactive with you calling the “shots” (pun intended), they really do a nice a job of making it relevant to the benefits of their brand which is white out by Tipp-Ex

It starts off rather ho-hum but quickly sucks you in as you watch the camper race to grab his gun as his friend screams to shoot the bear.

Of course, it ends up being the viewer’s choice if he shoots or doesn’t, with a simple click of a button….

Social Media Consultant - Spam or Slam Tippexx Video






What I like most about this video, as opposed to other creative but sometimes non-relevant to the brand videos, is the hunter reaches out of the video frame and grabs the Tipp-Ex device to white out the words of the video so you can enter in any word you chose to see what happens (Hint: try the word “kiss” or even “eat” as your fill in the blank choice and see what happens then – it’s fun.

A fun relevant product demonstration tie-in? Now that’s a real slam – a grand slam!

Social Media Consultant - Spam or Slam Video Review Series - Tippex





But is that going to REALLY make you go out and buy the product?

I doubt it…

But is it going to give you brand recognition in-store and build brand affinity?


If they played their cards as smart for in-store promotion as they did on YouTube it could actually help drive their sales, depending on how far the brand was able to take it at the point of purchase.

#1: In Store Promotion

Once Tipp-Ex knew they had a hit on their hands with over 16 million views, why not have in store signage to leverage the buzz?

Either ask,  “Did you shoot the bear?” or perhaps give a number of people who have tried it so far by stating, “Over 10 million viewers have shot the bear, what would you do?” watch the video now to see what you would do.

I think it would have been great fun and eye-catching to have a label dispenser on the shelf with stickers you could grab that say, “I shot the bear” Or “I don’t shoot bears”?

Making it fun and easy to “play along” will always increase the chances of interaction with the product at the store level. Increasing brand interaction at the store level by having a QR code on signs is one great way to bridge the gap between online and offline marketing.

Remember, getting your product in their hands of the consumer why they are shopping in the store is the tipping point of  to getting it right into the almighty cart!

#2: Gaming At The Store

Tipp-Ex could try to improve their chances of increasing sales with interactive game elements like having store signing prompting action with simple questions such as, “Would you shoot the bear?” aim here to find out if you have what it takes to shoot the bear.  Using a QR code could easily lead them straight to a video with even a coupon redemption strategy.

If Tipp-Ex really wanted to hit it out of the park, they could warm hearts and make emotional connections by partnering with a animal protections group. It might be too wacky but they could test having the bear in the video wear different t-shirts or hold up different signs depending of if the viewer choose to shoot the bear or not.

For example the bear’s t-shirt could read, “Don’t Shoot I’m Bear-Foot and Happy”, “I Just Look Scary, But I’m Beary Nice”, “Let Me Give You A Bear Hug”, or even “Save A Bear, Shoot A Hunter” (ok last one not recommended…)

#3 Personalize The Game For More Buzz

Tipp-Ex could set the video up to have the message on the t-shirt (or sign) to be personalized by the viewer if they sent the video to a friend, incentivizing with fun for word of mouth marketing!

They could also have users submit t+shirt slogans or partner with Threadless to hold a contest…once you have a hit on your hands the game has just BEGUN!

#4 Cause Marketing Effort

This campaign could even be spruced up any of with any of these ideas by adding a call to action that a small donation to charity x for each purchase would be made during a specific time frame.

If you are a local business it is easier than you think to partner with a charity in your area.

Be creative – think of how you can first spread the word, and then focus on how you’ll make your campaign “sticky” by making it matter in the hearts of many.

As I’ve said before ANY campaign can be better – so when you have a viral winner like this one it’s the time to start making the marketing minutes matter – the 15 minutes of fame goes pretty fast!

Check it out and tell me how you’d improve or “borrow” this campaign for your brand…




Lori Taylor


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Justin Steel May 9, 2011 at 10:32 am

Great ideas. I hope they have the sense to think about doing things like this.


Lori Taylor June 6, 2011 at 5:39 pm

Thank you Justin for stopping by and the kind words


Paulo Foy May 9, 2011 at 11:27 am

The personalizing idea is an interesting one. It gives customers a sense of something to talk about. If everyone goes around asking their friends, “Did you shoot the bear?” It gives them a starting point for conversation about the product. Awesome idea all around.


Lori Taylor June 6, 2011 at 5:39 pm

How fun – I didn’t even think about that aspect but what a great way to get them talking? Good comment – thank YOU!


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