Spam or Slam: The Rap-Off Napoleon vs Napoleon

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On the surface I’d say spam.

Another silly but pointless video with over one million views.  Sigh.

Funny is money.  I get it.

And while the rap is funny – it is – and smart – it is…it’s pointless.

More mindless good taking up bandwidth in your life for no reason.

But my little marketing mind can’t help but see this is what people like to watch. (The number of views is the first clue.)

So how could you use this to you benefit your brand?

I think of brands like Chick Filet who have cows campaigning to eat more chicken.  I can see that rap off can you?

What a great way to see a brand’s personality is fun by giving you a minute to two minute opportunity to laugh.

A faux music video would be a great way to liven up a TV commercial.

Which makes me  think of the Mac Vs. PC commercials.

Apple is one of the few brands who has bridged the gap with what works online and on TV.

Their ipad commercials are genius in my opinion.  Using the ipad to show you how easy it is to travel is very smart.

Makes you want one doesn’t it?  Just looks cool.

Watch this video if you haven’t seen it (almost 5 million views) and you’ll see what I mean with how fun videos can be…

How could you use this strategy for your local brand to say hey look at me the other guy just doesn’t get it?

A rap is relatively easy to create.  But if you have no skills in that department maybe you could consider having a contest where users upload videos to your Facebook fan page rapping why your pizzeria is better than say Pizza Hut.

Or why your bar is a better experience than another.

Even if you own a local gym, go against Bally’s by getting your enthusiasts involved.

It’s always better to have someone else say how cool you are.

I really think this could be a lot of fun and has me thinking for my brand how I could show my creativity and fun side in a way that is shareable and memorable.

How about you?

Watch this video and think how you could use this approach to brand you online in a non-spammy way, and let me know what brand could do something like this to knock it out of the park.


Lori Taylor


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