Spam Or Slam – The Early Bird Gets The “Word” (Thanks To Innovative Use of Facebook)

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Social Media Consultant | Social Media Marketing Video CampaignIf you aren’t familiar with Early To Rise – go subscribe.  It’s run by Michael Masterson and is the epitome of email marketing done right.  Every time. All the time.

From financial tips, to how to grow yourself through inspiration and productivity they somehow make selling me stuff feel fun and good.

Recently they sent out a video to their readers which moved me beyond…

But that’s not the best part…

Once my heart was warmed I couldn’t help but marvel at the ingenious way they inspired a social media outreach to “spread the word”.

Nothing to buy. Nothing to do but watch, get inspired and share.

Which they did with an innovative landing page using Facebook’s technology to allow viewers to like and make comments with their Facebook accounts.

What is great about this approach, which I’ve also used, is the ability to do this for you branded webinars, sales videos and anything else you can think of…

With the FTC cracking down on testimonials for you product and the difficulties in getting permission to use them from the users, this is a very cool way to get real live people to give public thumbs up for your efforts.

I highly recommend ANYONE use this platform when sending users to content.  It works and is proven to help give social capital to your content.

After you watch the video – note the nice opt in page that follows encouraging you to sign up for “more”; its a nice, clean and well-optimized page.

Nice job once again to the team at Early To Rise.

Check it out and tell me I’m wrong when I give major props and give this video campaign a BIG GRAND SLAM vote!

Click image to watch – what do you think?  Spam or slam…

Social Media Consultant | Spam or Slam Video Series

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