Spam Or Slam – How Can Gummi Bears Be Boring? (hint – SPAM)

by Lori Taylor · 1 comment

First of all – I love the blog Simply Zesty, a lot.

They are simply genius and I wish I had time to do what they do every day. (I guess I’ll just live vicariously through them – I can live with that.)

I subscribe to their Simply Viral series where you can subscribe to a daily video series of interesting on web stuff – hand picked by them.

It’s my favorite thing I subscribe to because I get tons of ideas for me, my clients and for my Spam Or Slam corner. If you like what I’m doing here, I highly recommend you check out this series.

So today when I got their video, I rubbed my hands together, cracked my knuckles – I was ready to take notes and to be wowed!

Instead I ended up Simply Disappointed. (Ok sorry I just couldn’t resist.)

Not bummed out in the blog, of course, but the video itself just didn’t razzle or dazzle me – it was more of a frazzle. (Hey, it happens…)

While I get why they picked it – for the novelty – and I DO appreciate the effort this one took for the producers to make – I almost hated it. (BTW – this means it’s SPAM)

I wasn’t sure if I was more irritated by the music or the pointless outcome of this painstakingly created video.  What I DO know is it it gets passed around and viewed millions of times I just might punch something.

Don’t get me wrong 90%+ of video is for the “helluvit”.  (What was the purpose of Double Rainbow other than to say “This is your brain on drugs captured by a flip camera”?)

But see – they are usually  funny or inspirational on some level.

For some reason this one didn’t entertain me much – well let’s be honest – it didn’t grab me at all.

Except to appreciate how freaking much time it took for them to make it and unfortunately how long it took for me to watch waiting for the punch line. (Hey 1 minute 13 is a lot longer than it sounds.)

But I will give it a bit of credit – it did get me thinking…

How cool COULD it have been for some well loved brands who have wowed us on TV with their brilliant creative minds to use to sizzle up their social media campaigns?

Imagine taking the same amount of skill and adding the right music as you picture giant raisins dancing to “I heard it on the grapevine”.

Or picture a cute broadway like production with Almond Joy vs Mound candy bars battling it out for superiority in consumer’s minds…

Couldn’t you just see a fantastic “melts in your mouth not in your hands” campaign from M&M’s?

With a big brand budget they could pull out all the “stops” couldn’t they?

(Couldn’t “stop” myself there either – it’s early – you get it right?  This is a “stop motion” video…)

Check out the video at Simply Zesty by clicking the image below and tell me what you think…

Social Media Consultant Video Review | Spam Or Slam




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Jastin Atterson May 16, 2011 at 12:00 pm

Looks like they were on the right track with their gummi bear video, they just didn’t have the best execution. I would say at least they tried something different, I will applaud them for that.


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