Social Web Gaining Ground On Traditional Web

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What Do You Do With Your Online Time?

Check this out: comScore just released a report showing social media usage accounts for 20 percent of all the time spent on the Internet. According to comScore social media is the most widely used Internet feature in the world. When you dig a little deeper into the findings the facts are even more amazing: Facebook now reaches half of the world’s online audience and accounts for a full 75 percent of all the time spent using social media.

As if Facebook wasn’t already a dominant feature in the social media world, this latest report makes Facebook even more relevant for social media marketers and for anyone attempting to reach the widest possible audience.

Another interesting finding from the comScore report is that micro-blogging is now being recognized as a disruptive force in the world of social media. In other words, the same way social media was a disruptive force for traditional media, micro-blogging is causing traditional social media (is it even old enough to be called ‘traditional’?) to do a double-take. Services such as Tumblr and Posterous (which recently expanded its features in the form of ‘Posterous Spaces’) have been gaining new users each day, seeing month over month increases in visits.

Another interesting finding of the report is that more than half of all mobile device users in the United States, a full 64 percent, access social media via their device at least once during the month of October and with almost half of all mobile device users reporting they accessed social media at least once per day during the same period.

If you are a social media marketer this latest report helps you further establish the importance of using social media to reach a global audience. It also strengthens the argument that mobile is the future of social media. But the real interesting tidbit for me is the way micro-blogging services are now being considered a “disruptive force” for social media. Mobile may be the next frontier when it comes to marketing, but the social media tools we use to take full advantage of this new frontier seem likely to be micro-blogging services, and what form those micro-blogging revenue streams will take. The social media marketers who are among the first to master these new tools, deliver real measurable results for their clients stand the most to gain.

In the meantime, do yourself a favor and start investigating on your own. Don’t wait for someone else to lead you–grab a machete and set off for the Undiscovered Country on your own.

Top 10 Most Engaged Social Networking Markets Worldwide
The widespread adoption of social networking highlights the global appeal of this online activity. Of the 43 markets individually reported by comScore, 41 markets saw at least 85 percent of their respective online populations visit social networking sites in October 2011.

Analysis of the most highly engaged global social networking markets revealed that Israel led all countries with visitors spending an average of more than 11 hours on social networking sites during the month. Argentina ranked second at 10.7 hours, followed by Russia (10.4 hours) and Turkey (10.2 hours). The United States, at 6.9 hours per person, did not even rank within the top ten countries for social networking engagement.

Click here to read the entire comScore report.

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