Social Media Will Speak To You

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Listen. Do you hear that? It’s the sound of your social media network whispering to you. All those hundreds or thousands of members are telling you exactly what they want. All you have to do is pay attention and deliver. Can you manage that? I’ll bet you can.



Social media marketing is about providing answers. The members of your social media network are looking for answers from you; about your services, about your products, about your brand, about your history and about your future. That’s why they are following your activity on social media: because they want answers. One of the most crucial parts about properly maintaining a social media network is to listen to what your friends/followers have to say and respond to it. React to it the same as if they walked in off the street and said it to your face.



Social media marketing is also a great way to ask the questions YOU want answers to. If you are curious how your customers feel about a certain service you provide or industry related issues, just ask them. You will be surprised how eager they are to supply you with their opinions. And the fact you were willing to interact with them, to solicit their opinions in the first place, that will further solidify your relationship with them.

Don’t be afraid to use your social media network as a communication tool. After all, that’s what it was created for.


When it comes to social media marketing, one of the few “must-dos” is to actually listen to your network. Social media is a conversation, not a soap box for your brand. No one wants to be talked at, whether it is in a face-to-face conversation or an online one. Social networking has taught your customers that they have a voice and a right for their opinions to be heard, and they are expecting you to listen. But paying attention to what your network is (or isn’t) saying shouldn’t be important to you just because SEO and social media consultants tell you it should be. If you actually listen to your social connections and take what they say to heart, you’ll find you will better understand your customers, their needs and where your brand fits into their lives.

They will tell you what kind of content they want.
Content marketing is a critical component of a good SEO campaign, but the number one problem for many companies is coming up with topics. Social media is the perfect place to turn to for topic inspiration. What kind of questions are people posting on your Facebook walls or in industry forums? What blog posts get the most attention and “love” from your social network? Does your audience prefer videos to long articles? All these questions and more about content can be answered when you listen to your social networks.

They will let you know when you’re doing it wrong and when you get it right.
Social media is not a one-size-fits-all tool. It’s your duty to figure out the best sites to connect with your target audience, what kind of content they respond best to, when they are online and connected to those networks, when they want to talk and so forth. If you pay close enough attention, you can start to judge the effectiveness of your social media marketing based on their responses. Do links shared between 9-5 get the same kind of response as the ones between 8 PM and midnight? What kind of tone do the comments on your Facebook wall take? Keep in mind that 100 people may visit your blog post in a day, but only 2 bother to leave comments. Those two comments might represent majority opinion, or they might be the outliers.

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