Social Media: What Do You Think?

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There are an abundance of so-called social media experts and it didn’t take long for them to start weighing in on the new Google+ social media platform. Some say the new Google social media site will destroy the competition, namely Facebook. Others are proclaiming that the real victim will be Twitter, while still others say the net effect of Google+ will be much ado over nothing.

What Do You Think?
Opinions are fine. Opinions from experts certainly have some value, but ultimately what matters the most is not what the experts think but what YOU think. There are certainly a lot of experts, but not nearly enough to be their own demographic. It will take the combined efforts of millions of people to make or break Google+. If enough people embrace the new social media platform it will dominate the landscape. But the prognostications of the experts is not going to be enough.

Google+ And You
The new Google+ social media platform will unite all the different Google properties giving the company a leg up on the competition, certainly. Just seeing the little Google+ symbol in the corner every time you do a search might be enough to get people to embrace it simply because it’s so ubiquitous.

For now, let the experts weight in.

Google+ is still new to the field, but it’s already shaping up to be Google’s most successful social media effort to date. While some have relegated Google+ to suffer the same fate as the company’s other recent failed social media efforts Buzz and Wave, the consensus among the tech industry’s top pundits, critics and journalists has been positive.

We thought it would be interesting to take it a step further and see what the founders of some of the world’s top Social Media sites are saying about Google+.

Mark Zuckerberg – CEO and founder Facebook

Referring to Hangouts, the Google+ video conferencing feature, Zuckerberg dismissed the feature’s exclusivity as a big threat to Facebook and says that Google+’s biggest challenge is in building up its user base. People will need to invest time in recreating their social graphs on another social network.

Tom Anderson – ex-President and co-founder MySpace

Anderson gave his thoughts on Circles, the heart of Google+. Comparing it to Facebook Groups, he said that the key to unlocking the winning model lies in thinking about what each model does best. He suggested that Facebook’s model is more like Yahoo Groups with forum capability, while Google+ Circles are more like email distribution lists meets Twitter with better commenting. In the end he said, it’s about which model users will prefer.

Kevin Rose – Ex-CEO and co-founder Digg

Rose highlights several Google+ features that has him coming back and thinks Google+ is a great first effort.

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