Social Media Week in Chicago

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lori r taylor, revmediamarketing, social media, social media marketing, branding, product branding, networking, oneclicksocietyThis week everyone who is anyone (and a lot of people who are just curious [about]) in the social media landscape will be heading to Chicago for Social Media Week.

This means you!

The week long series is sponsored by The Chicago Tribune and the Zocalo Group. It is meant as a way for folks to familiarize themselves with the always new social media landscape.
It is a tad ironic that the event is being co-hosted by a traditional media outlet whose industry has been incredibly slow to adopt social media. Glacially slow, in fact.

Hundreds will speak, thousands will listen.

They had a similar Social Media Week this past February. Nearly 2,000 speakers presented their views on the current and future state of social media and how it might shape the world in which we live. Thousands of attendees came to the event from cities around the globe, showing the reach of social media. It’s true power, however, is in enlightening those folks who still don’t “get it.” And there are many of them.

Knowledge is Power

Social Media Week is chock full of free events intended to help educate people about social media. It features speakers who are experts in the field of social media and industry insiders who can offer glimpses of what’s next. There is no substitute for first hand knowledge. If you really want to learn about a thing you need to try to do that thing. But Social Media Week certainly brings you closer to the social media world without drowning you in a sea of strangeness.

The City of Chicago will be friended, liked, linked and a-twitter when social media industry icons, area experts and marketing professionals assemble in Chicago for the City’s first-ever Social Media Week, part of a global initiative to elevate the role of social media and mobile marketing. Social Media Week organizers selected Zocalo Group, an Omnicom company and leader in word of mouth and social media marketing, and the Chicago Tribune, one of the country’s leading multimedia companies, as Chicago market hosts for the event which takes places September 19-23 at various locations across the city.

Far more than just a conference, Social Media Week is one of the world’s most unique organized events. Through a series of interconnected activities across the world, Social Media Week offers a global perspective on emerging trends in social and mobile media across all major industries. Along with Social Media Week activities taking place in Chicago, similar, simultaneous events will take place in eleven other cities, including Los Angeles, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Bogota, Glasgow, Milan, Moscow, Vancouver, Sao Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro.

“We’re thrilled Chicago is among a select group of global cities included in Social Media Week this year and honored that Zocalo Group has been chosen along with the Chicago Tribune to assemble the highest caliber experts in social and mobile marketing,” said Paul M. Rand, president and CEO for Zocalo Group. “Social media has become critical for brands, consumers and both public and private organizations. The event will highlight what’s working best today, and what is coming next.”

Spanning seven days and a dozen or more venues across Chicago, Social Media Week Chicago will involve area companies, national brands, academic institutions, non-profit organizations and government agencies. Topics to be addressed will include: brands, business and companies; entertainment; government and social policy; learning; technology and innovation and mobile applications. Sponsorships and speaking opportunities are available. Organizations and individuals interested in becoming involved should visit

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