Social Media Week In Chicago And Los Angeles

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Don’t Look Now

Social Media is now so big it has its own week. Social Media Week events are planned this week in Chicago and Los Angeles. Thousands of social media marketing experts are gathering together to share their insights, tips, suggestions and generally discuss the existing nature of social media and where it might be going next. This is a great opportunity for businesses to tap into the ever-growing pool of social media management talent which might prove beneficial for your company.

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The best thing about having a week devoted to the exchange of ideas related to the social media marketing industry is the fact that better policies will likely be developed as a result of this meeting of the minds. By sharing ideas related to their shared industry social media marketers are more likely to develop better ideas for leveraging the benefits of social media for their clients.

This is good news for businesses and clients.

What’s In It For You?

You might wonder how this could mean good things for you; how it could possibly produce positive benefits for your brand, your company or you. The fact is, when the people we rely upon to provide a service for us (whether that’s an auto mechanic, a restauranteur or a certified public accountant) get together to share their knowledge and attempt to improve the overall impact of their industry, we all benefit. We get better results, more effective policies and better trained professionals.

It’s a win-win for all of us.


We’ve made it easy for you: starting Monday, September 19, and continuing through Friday, go to as many panels, parties, keynotes and screenings as you can. For those you can’t get to, view the Live Broadcast online of all the Social Media Week Hub programs, via Livestream. It’s easy to register — just view the full list of events and select the one’s you’ll be attending. It costs nothing. Register at . Many sessions are approaching or have reached capacity.

As a further convenience, Social Media Week LA’s advisor board has curated events into three major tracks — each of which could be its own major conference:

ENTERTAINMENT: 15 top picks by the advisors cover the spectrum of Movies and Music, to Social Gaming and Celebrities. Speakers come from Participant Media, Facebook, Katalyst, EQAL, UTA, Funny or Die, TV Academy, CAA, Disney ABC, What’s Trending, MindJolt, USC, Paramount, Grammy’s, Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox, plus actor Kevin Pollack. Paley Center for Media is home to most of the Entertainment Track. Click here for entire entertainment schedule.

In addition, Unicomm and Variety present their annual 3D Entertainment Summit at Hollywood & Highland Center on Tuesday through Thursday, which features a keynote by director James Cameron, and is collocated this year with the 3D Gaming Summit and LA Mobile Entertainment Summit. Separate fees apply; for more information, please visit .

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