Social Media Wars Heat Up

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Google+ Is Open To The Public!

No sooner did Google+ open to the public and announce some new features than Facebook released a host of its own new features, no doubt designed with the end-user in mind. Or at least that’s what they claim. Either way, now that Google+ is open to the public you can expect even more changes to the social media landscape as every one scrambles to re-invent itself in response to the new social media service from Google.

What Does This Mean For You?

The first question social media marketers ask themselves is, how does this effect what I am doing now and how might it impact my plans for the future? Good questions. Facebook has developed a reputation for re-inventing itself without notice, sometimes alienating users, other times pleasing them. However, the fact remains that because Facebook is free to use there is not much users can do about it if they don’t like the changes. For marketers the story is much the same: Everyone is at the whim of site controllers.

Google+ Is Still A Big Unknown

For everyone the question of what impact, if any, Google+ is going to have on the landscape is still mostly unknown. We it exists and it seems to be more popular than the company’s previous attempts to enter the social media realm, but other than that we don’t know much. Who is using it? What they are doing with it and (more importantly for some of us) what can marketers do with it are still BIG UNKNOWNS.

Facebook has taken away the previous option wherein you can choose between the top stories and the most recent posts. Now, only the top stories are featured that are supposedly relevant to your interests. Moreover, a ticker on the right-side shows you real-time posts and comments from your friends so that you can instantly join in any conversation happening on Facebook.

Unfortunately, FB users weren’t happy waking up to a new day with a changed Facebook landscape. As with the last time when Facebook made changes to the site (the chat feature), there were lots of grumbles over the changes. Most of them stem from Facebook taking away the user’s choice in deciding what stories he or she wants to follow.

In the social-network-happy country that is the Philippines, based on a casual observation of my feed, I thought the opinion over the changes was in sync with rest of the world, i.e. for every two or three who would say they didn’t like the new changes, there would be one who would. And yes, the assessment was also the same: What gives Facebook the right to decide which stories are important to the users?

Admittedly, Facebook says the users can change (hide or add) the posts so that they’ll be more relevant to their interests. However, my own guess is that FB users were rather more crotchety over Facebook pulling the rug out from under them with the new changes. (Or as one Internet article put it, Facebook shoving the changes down the users’ throats.) This is par for the course with Facebook. Remember how users reacted to the new chat feature?

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