Social Media Usage Surges In July

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As most of the world watched every move being made on the new social media site, Google+, Facebook and Twitter saw their number of users reach record levels in July. Analysts say more people than ever before have been signing up for the two social media giants, and even more are making it a regular part of their daily communication tool set.

Facebook itself saw more than 162,000,000 users for the month of July making it the 4th most popular web site on the web. Twitter ranked 34th, seeing more than 32,000,000 users for the same period.

For Facebook this great news. That’s a big piece of the pie when it comes to a global audience. To think of that in terms of reach it is hard to imagine being able to reach more people with a single tool. Twitter is still posting numbers within reach of a major sporting event on television but the numbers Facebook is developing far eclipse anything ever broadcast.

So what does this mean for you? Plenty.

First, make certain you are using social media as part of your overall marketing plan.

Facebook and Twitter are great, but don’t ignore Google+ or Foursquare or any other social media sites which make sense for your company. The complete internet audience numbers reached more than 215,000,000 people for the month.

At least SOME of those people would be interested in what you have to say, but they won’t hear you if you aren’t putting your message where they are.

Looking at other social networks, LinkedIn took in 32.5 million visitors in July, down from 33.9 million in June and 33.3 million in May.

The latest social network on the block, Google+, wasn’t listed separately by ComScore but is likely factored into Google Sites, which was the most visited site for the month with 182.2 million visitors. Earlier this month, ComScore said that Google+ had seen 25 million visitors through July 24, making it the fastest Web site to reach such numbers. The social network launched at the end of June.

Beyond social networks, ticket sites also proved popular in July, said ComScore, as people tried to soak in the summer by going to movies, concerts, and sporting events. Among these sites, Ticketmaster took the lead with 10.9 million visitors, followed by with 5.6 million, and with 3.6 million.

With parents already hunting for back-to-school specials, consumer goods sites saw a 13 percent jump in traffic. was in first place with 7.3 million visitors for the month. Office Depot came in second with 4 million, followed by QVC Sites with 3.6 million, and OfficeMax with 2.5 million.

Read the complete results of Internet traffic by clicking here.

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