Social Media Usage By Chinese Companies Approaches 90%

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More Signs Of A Growing Social Media Market

China is fast becoming a leader is social media marketing, if it isn’t already. A recent survey of leading Chinese businesses shows that nearly 90% of these businesses are actively using social media marketing every day. That creates a huge opportunity for social media marketing firms looking to help businesses leverage the very best returns from their marketing investment. It also means the frontier is wide open as most of these businesses are currently managing their own social media marketing.

Working with China requires finesse and a comprehensive understanding of HOW to do business in China. It also means a market which is open to huge returns for concerted efforts. Chinese businesses are investing heavily in micro-blogging technology, something akin to a Twitter account, but remain open to the possibility of expanding their social media reach once these new avenues of marketing  become available. The Chinese people themselves have been putting their efforts into new social media networks, and have been receptive to the relationship marketing efforts they come across. This bodes well for social media marketing as the country continues to grow and expand.

China is one of the largest economic zones in the world and the revenue potential it offers is tantalizing enough to lure some marketers in that direction already. However, efforts by the Chinese government to stifle some forms of social media and censor others, has given many more pause before jumping in with both feet. Until, or unless, the Chinese government fully supports these new forms of online communication, bestowing their blessings, so-to-speak, many foreign firms will remain skeptical of receiving the full revenue potential from their efforts.

And for good reason.


2. E-mail, search engines and instant messaging remain the most popular ways of using new media in companies. The number of microblog and mobile application users has been growing rapidly, with comparable frequency of usage well above that of traditional media applications such as blogs, social communities and RSS subscriptions.

3. More than 77% of the surveyed businesses have set up formal microblogs, of which half have had their credentials (as the real owner of the microblog) validated by their ISP. Approximately 60% of formal corporate microblogs have less than 10,000 followers. However, a follow up with a random selection of the respondents revealed that most companies are not highly competent in managing their microblogs. 70% of companies still focus on announcements and information sharing through their social media platform, while the number of their followers on the platform is directly proportional to the level of their marketing efforts.

4. Compared to microblogs, social networking sites (SNSs) are far less popular among China’s firms and business executives as compared to the mass market, with a usage rate around 30% that of the market at large. Only 20% of the respondents said that they have set up formal pages on social network portals, such as and

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