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If you worry about managing two different social media networks (namely, Google+ and Facebook) then worry no more. There is a new program available from Crossrider which lets Google+ users view their update stream from their Facebook.
So far, Google+ has a reported 10 million users. The new Crossrider program has already signed up 750 million people in anticipation of using Google+.

Advantages Of Google+
Google+ certainly has an advantage over Facebook when it comes to blanketing the Internet. Google has its fingers in everything from Picasa to Blogger; from Search to E-Books. By creating a social media network that unites all of its different properties Google stands a great chance of developing the world’s largest social media network. But will it capture the world’s attention the way others have? Or will it become so big users will feel lost in the shuffle?

Google+ Impact Yet To Be See
That’s my feeling. I know it is too soon to gauge the impact of Google+ but it seems to me that users will soon start shunning the sheer ubiquity of Google+.
When was the last time something that “everyone is doing” lasted for any significant amount of time? Usually, the moment the latest fad reached saturation point was the same moment people started turning away from it in droves. With Google+, they are starting out at a saturation point and trying to add even more users. They might have better luck using web tools to united Google+ with an existing, more individualized social media platform, like Facebook.

It seems to me that as Google+ grows bigger it will grow less popular with users, not more popular. I could be wrong, but only time will tell.

This week, Jerusalem-based company Crossrider developed and launched an application called “Google+Facebook”, that allows users of the Google+ social networking site to view their update streams from Facebook, which has now captivated more than 750 million users within the web 2.0 industry.

Crossrider, whose main business is developing internet browser add-on extensions, created “Google+Facebook” in less than a day and had more than 100,000 downloads at last count. The free Facebook monitoring application adds an icon to Google+ where users can view their Facebook pages, essentially creating a site within a site. Crossrider reports that future enhancements that are in the pipeline, should the app become sufficiently popular; include allowing post updates on both networks, direct commenting and profile access to Facebook from the G+ dashboard.

With the aggregators always being the first to bite into new digital platforms, we will likely soon be seeing feed-monitoring integrations for Twitter and LinkedIn appear for G+, among others.

While most would prefer to actually importing their Facebook friends and into newly formed Circles as well as push photos and other personal media to Google+ profiles, it violates Facebook’s terms of service, which could result in isolating the social giant from bleeding metrics and should slow the social platform exodus.

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