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If you think you’re busy, imagine being a social media marketer. We have to do constant research to stay ahead of technology trends; develop good sources of information regarding the return on investment for the work we do; and provide a service for our clients which they cannot find anywhere else, without being able to actually produce anything.

Here’s The Facts
Social media is just like anything else we humans have invented: Some folks get it right away while others have to tinker with it for a while to make any sense of it at all. The tinkerers don’t stand less of a chance at coming up with an innovative way of using social media, but they will be late to the game. What social media marketers need is to be first to the table when the buffet line begins. We need to provide our clients with the instant gratification they have come to demand from their providers.

So What Do We Do?

We turn to the experts–the folks who are getting right, right away, and we emulate what we see.

Blogger and social media marketer, Jason Cormier, breaks down some of the social media wisdom available from the fine folks who sell Coca-Cola, the world’s most popular soft drink.

As social media marketers, we’re naturally in pursuit of identifying “who is doing it right.” We follow the feeds and influencers that help inspire our creativity, guide our approach, and validate our recommendations.

We whore out our email addresses in exchange for white papers, register for webinars we can’t find time to attend, and maintain an insatiable appetite for research and ROI-proving case studies.

In all of this, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the lessons learned (and shared) from a single company – even one that’s been in business for 125 years. But one thing I’ve learned about social media is that universal principles apply. Coca-Cola may have far more budget and resources than you – but at least some of the wisdom gained from their leaders and experience can also be ours.

Coca-Cola’s View on Media As Wendy Clark, SVP of Integrated Marketing and Communication for Coca-Cola will tell you, media is viewed as paid, earned, owned, and shared. This is not at all unique to Coke, but certainly sets the stage for understanding how the company views and segments its overall marketing.

Click here to read all of Cormier’s article.

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