Social Media Success Is Possible For Anyone

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social mediaSocial media success is not only possible, in today’s marketplace it almost mandatory. If you want your business to survive then you need an effective social media strategy. With social media you can find new customers and keep in close contact with existing customers. Social media also helps your business stay up with the latest trends and maintain its reputation (or improve it if that’s what you need.)
There is no silver bullet or magic potion to make social media an effective tool for your company, but there is ample evidence that having an effective social media marketing plan is equal to all other marketing efforts combined.
Mashable breaks down the “10 BestPractices” when it comes to social media:

As a consumer, you are blasted with the same request over and over: “Follow Us on Twitter, Like Us on Facebook.” Why should I? What’s in it for me? These are questions of which a significant number of businesses cannot genuinely answer.

Today, a notable number of businesses are approaching branded social channels from a “ready, fire, aim” approach. This method conjures a facade of achievement when in fact, any progress, if at all recognized, is short term and shoddy at best. Many focus on numbers without first analyzing who they’re trying to reach and, more importantly, how engagement satisfies the needs of their customers. Without a mature content and engagement strategy, a great unfollow and unlike movement is inevitable.

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