Social Media Should Partner With Email Marketing

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Just because you have a Facebook Fan Page doesn’t mean you should turn your back on all other forms of marketing. In fact, a new poll shows that email marketing is still one of the most effective forms of marketing around.


Talkin’ ‘Bout YOUR Generation

True, today’s generation is more likely to text or use social media to communicate their wants and needs, but the fact is, the generation with the most disposable income still uses email. That means if you hope to find a customer with cash to spend, you’d be better off using email to reach them. Search engine optimization is also worth the investment.

It’s common sense folks.

Social media is not the end of all forms of marketing. It is merely another way for you to reach your audience. Your business should be using every tool in the box when it comes to building your brand and reaching customers. that means integrating social media into your existing plan, not replacing it.

Our favorite source of information, the Pew Internet & American Life Project, has released its annual findings of what are the most popular activities on the Internet. As a reminder, we like Pew the most because by all appearances it seems that this research isn’t just a veiled PR stunt like most of the “research” that is passed around these days.

First, the simple fact that all marketers should be paying attention to the basics despite the daily temptation to rabbit trail after the latest and great online toys that promise the world but barely deliver a neighborhood at times. Those basics are email and search and they are still the dominant activities online by far.

Social is rising and that shouldn’t be ignored but good marketing is like anything else in that mastery of the basics should come before getting ahead of the game with the current online fad or flavor of the day. In other words, market accordingly!

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