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Believe It Or Not

This week has been chock full of good information about social media usage. First, it was the Nielsen ratings which showed a whopping 140 million people logged on to Facebook in the month of May, far more than any other social media network. Then, Constant Contact announced they were so certain email marketing would produce results they were offering a guarantee. Now a new study shows that people who use social media are much more apt to shop online than any other demographic group.


In fact, almost 75 percent of all social media users also shop online.


Big Numbers, Big Business

For businesses interested in integrating social media marketing into their traditional marketing plan this is important news. For one, it shows that the people you are trying to reach are actually spending money online. For another, it shows that if you have something to sell, social media makes a lot of sense. There is no direct evidence (as yet) to show how effective a social media marketing plan is, but there is certainly more and more empirical showing that social media marketing is directed at an important demographic group.


The Way You Do The Thing You Do

How you reach them, well, that is the tricky part. A savvy social media marketing professional can help you identify the best ways to use social media marketing to reach the people who are most important to your brand, your business or your product. No doubt you will want to wrap whatever traditional marketing efforts you are using into an effective social media marketing plan, gaining the most from every marketing dollar you spend.


Nielsen’s third quarter study, “State of the Media: The Social Media Report,” examines the increasing influence of social networking on consumers and points to trends that bode well for businesses active in the social media space.

“The value of the time consumers spend online and on social networks and blogs continues to grow, most visible through the influence on purchase decisions,” Nielsen reports. Adults active on social networks and blogs are 12 percent more likely than the average user to shop online; nearly 4 in 5 active Internet users participate in these activities and 70 percent make online purchases….


The profile of the average social networker is an interesting one. According to Nielsen, she is between 18 and 34, likely Asian or Pacific Islander, has obtained a bachelor’s degree, and makes less than $50,000 per year.

Examining the average demographic of users on various sites, several other observations appear:

    • 41 percent of Blogger’s audience earns more than $75,000 per year.
    • 25 percent of WordPress readers have a bachelor’s degree.
    • Female teens are better represented on Tumblr than any other social network.
    • 62 percent of page views on Facebook come from female users.
    • African Americans are better represented on Twitter than on any other social network.

Click here to read the entire article.

Team Caffeine

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Keri at Idea Girl Media September 15, 2011 at 11:45 pm


Terrific article, terrific timing!

Especially appreciate the group of stats at the end!!

Spending decisions are more and more a female’s role. And, the information above proves that social media is where it’s at. Why would any responsible business or marketer allow their audience to be steering the conversation about them without participation??

A groovy piece to share – I will.




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