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Lots of people are talking about the way social media marketing is taking the place of search engine optimization. But that’s all it is–talk. SEO is still relevant and necessary if you expect your web site and web efforts to appear in specific search results. Social media is certainly becoming more recognized by search engines, but so far, it is no where near a replacement for effective SEO.

Need proof? Google your company and see what pops up first: articles, web site or social media accounts. And under the social media accounts, how many specific updates, comments or Tweets show up?

Now let’s go back to talking about the importance of SEO. There is no reason to abandon your SEO efforts at this point. It is possible that search engines will soon start crawling through the many social media sites and presenting relevant search results based on that content, but so far, they are not. That means you cannot ignore the importance of including SEO in your online marketing plan. If you expect to appear in search results, SEO is still the best way to make that happen.

Now you might be asking yourself whether social media marketing is worth the effort if all you want is SEO. Of course you do. Social media is not going away any time soon. In fact, it has really only begun as far as its relationship the rest of the Internet. That means eventually it may indeed play a larger role in SEO at which time it might be too late for your company to get on board–you’ll be behind the times.

The best method is to use an effective SEO plan coupled with a professionally managed social media marketing plan. Then all your bases will be covered.

There is no denying, the world is on fire with social media right now. People are talking about how much it is changing the traditional role of SEO, and while it is definitely coming…it’s not the be all and end all yet, and I will lay out the data to prove it.

I am not here to extinguish that fire too much; we definitely see tons of ways to use social to drive SEO rankings, but we need to contain that bit and here’s why:

All these people betting on social to impact SEO have it right: social is totally impacting SEO, but how much? Probably NOT enough to move the needle on most of the keywords you care about. I believe there are tons of indirect ways social impacts rankings, but that is for another day. Here is why I am not buying that social is impacting SEO in a direct and meaningful way.

I know a ton of amazing SEO companies. They are speaking at conferences, writing great blog posts, connecting with people on social media — you know, all those things that create REAL relationships with REAL people. Yet god forbid you Google something related to finding SEO companies. 90% of the time, the SEO companies out there putting in the hard work of writing blog posts, connecting with people on social, and leading our industry never show up and I have the data to illustrate this point.

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