Social Media Perils And Pitfalls

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lori r taylor, revmediamarketing, social media, social media marketing, branding, product branding, networking, oneclicksocietySome folks admit they don’t use social media because they are afraid someone might use information they post there against them.
This logic would be flawless, if they were being forced to post stuff online.
It’s like the old argument that some folks had for not getting a computer or having an Internet connection: I don’t want someone stealing all my private information.
Here’s a clue: Don’t post stuff online you don’t other people to see.
This goes for business owners too. If you worry that your competitor may glean some pertinent data from your Twitter stream, simply avoid posting pertinent information in your Twitter stream to begin with. They aren’t going to snatch the thoughts from your head, so what are you worried about?
Social media can be a problem, if you are careless and don’t carefully and professionally manage your social media network. But the same is true of anything you do.
The fact is, a poorly trained employee could end up costing your company a whole lot more than poorly worded Tweet.

I woke up this morning refreshed and ready to face the news of the day on television, perhaps stories about the floods and fires devastating parts of our country, political skirmishes about the debt ceiling, or the most recent death tolls in the Middle East.

But stories about Representative Anthony Weiner’s social media scandal continued to dominate the airwaves.

I turned on my computer and meandered over to Facebook, where I became pleasantly distracted by the postings of a few friends, and a lot of people I barely know, people I don’t know and people I have never met. Everyone I bumped into was fully clothed, articulate and amusing.

I flew over to Twitter, where my stream was full of news that kept me busy clicking on links, laughing, reading and engaged.

Finally I decided to check my email. But when I found a message from a friend that I had somehow missed the week before, I felt guilty. How could I have missed this important message from someone I really cared about? A real, live friend. Who was I hanging around with these days, anyway? I wasn’t in as much trouble as Anthony Weiner was, but I did often seem to know more about people that I didn’t know than about the people I’ve known and loved for years.

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