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Just Because You Have One Isn’t Enough

You have a Facebook page for your business? So what. So do I. You have a Twitter account for your business? So. So do I. In fact thousands (if not millions) of businesses around the world have the same social media accounts, what makes your any different?

Ah-ha! There’s the rub. Not only must you use social media to promote your business, but you must also promote your social media network. That’s promoting your promotional tools. Sounds crazy, right? But it makes perfect sense. That’s what makes Super Bowl commercials so valuable. Someone sees a funny Super Bowl commercial and tells all their friends, many of whom have not seen it, and tells them to watch for it. When the commercial comes on again, rather than switch the channel, the friend will likely watch the entire commercial.

That’s called relationship marketing and it is the calling card of social media. You want a social media marketing network so you can build relationship marketing. Relationship marketing is the net positive effect of a functioning social media marketing program. You want your company to benefit from the positive impact social media can have on your efforts at relationship marketing. This means nurturing and building your social media network to move you in that direction.

The question then becomes, how do I promote my promotions?

Easy. Give the people something they need. Your social media network should be much more than just a list of things your company sells or services it provides. You should also make full use of your industry knowledge and offer it to people who follow you on social media. A contest is another good tool to help promote your social media network. A free t-shirt ever now and then won’t hurt your bottom line and it goes a long way toward getting people to talk about your social media network.

If you are unsure how best to promote your social media network, give Rev Media Marketing a call, or interact with us on Facebook. We are happy to help however we can, especially if you help promote our social media network.


As many as half of all companies running social media marketing campaigns are seeing their messages fall upon deaf ears, according to data from the Digital Life 2012 report published by TNS today.

The report, which is based on the assessment of how 72,000 selected consumers from 60 different countries interact with brands and products online, found Brits and Americans to be the most unresponsive to digital marketing campaigns.

While consumers in the US (60 percent) and the UK (61 percent) may be cynical, those in developing markets were found to be more considerably more open to engaging with companies over the medium with Columbia (33 percent) and Mexico (37 percent) the most fertile grounds for social media campaigns.

The report also found that 59 percent of those in developing markets view social networks as an excellent source for learning about brand and products. That’s considerably higher than than the 44 percent average worldwide.

While consumers are losing interest in brand campaigns there is an increase in attention paid to comments from friends, peers and even strangers are growing in influence, with almost half of those questioned using the Internet to post comments about products and brands.

Click here to read more about the importance of promoting your social media network.

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