Social Media Needs Regular Maintenance

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Chances are your company has a website. It likely has had at least one or two overhauls since it was built, and that’s great. Unfortunately, your social media network needs regular, near daily tweaks to keep it functioning the way you intend.

Begin At The Beginning
The best way to keep your social media marketing efforts performing is to make certain you keep the plan updated. Know what your target is and be certain you are checking your marks every now and again, this will help keep you on the right path. Also, don’t be afraid to allocate resources to social media even if you can’t be exactly sure HOW it is helping you. Right now, you don’t have much choice.

Stay On Target
If your goal is to drive customers in the front door, try using a simple survey on customers to find out how they heard about your store.
“Did you see our Facebook Fan Page?” is the most direct method for checking the efficacy of social media. There are plenty of others.

It is one thing to have a great social media marketing plan, but it is quite another to keep your plan from growing stale or to keep your efforts from wandering off the path you have laid out.

With budget season around the corner, is your social media marketing on track to achieve its business objectives? Your social media marketing assessment should be done in the context of your overall marketing mid-year checkup.

Here’s a five-point social media marketing checklist to assess how you’re doing so far this year. Bear in mind where your firm is on the social media adoption curve as you answer these questions.

What’s the current status of your social media marketing? Examine all of your social media marketing activities across platforms including blogs and social sharing. Is your social media marketing on track to achieve its objectives by social media format? Go beyond fan and follower counts to determine your progress. This means measuring your social media reach including earned media. To track social media-supported sales, you may need to monitor customer engagement earlier in the sales process since social media can influence sales before your monitoring starts tracking results. Also, include social media-delivered customer service. In addition, measure increased brand impact across traditional metrics with the help of brand monitoring. Don’t overlook social media expenses, which may be higher than anticipated. (If this is the case, you may want to consider how to hide your social media spend.) Based on this information, assess whether you’re using the appropriate social media networks and whether your social media marketing execution is on target. If you’re still in the test phase of social media adoption, ensure that you have the appropriate metrics in place to track your engagement and results.
What’s happening in the environment? Here’s where your brand monitoring input is invaluable to help track what’s being said about your company, brands, products, executives, and main keywords. (Note: this should be integrated with your search marketing strategy.) Also, consider what’s happening in the economy and political arena to determine whether you need to adjust your social media approach. Given that technology drives social media engagement, incorporate an analysis of new communications devices, specifically smartphones and tablets, namely iPads.

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