Social Media Mourns Steve Jobs

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He Was More Than An Apple

Steve Jobs will surely be remembered most for his impact on personal computer. Without Apple’s early adoption as a simpler user interface people might not have flocked to computer stores the way they did and we might have been forced to learn BASIC in order to balance our check books.

Jobs’ most overlooked contributions to computer technology (in my opinion)all reside in his endless pushing for more and more mobile versions of the most powerful computer technology available. This move toward mobile computing is what led to the surge in social media use. After all, what good it is to have a Facebook profile or a Twitter account if you can only use them while you are sitting behind your computer screen? Granted there are still millions of people using social media only through their home (or work) computer, but regardless of this, there are millions more people who are only using social media through their smartphone.

The iPhone, arguably Jobs’ most successful computer device, helped usher in the social media revolution by putting obscene amounts of data, including Internet access, right in the palm of your hand. (For the record, I don’t own an iPhone, but my Droid2 wouldn’t have existed if the iPhone hadn’t led the way.)

There is no way to over emphasize the contributions Steve Jobs made in the ways we use technology to improve and enhance our lives. But it is important to remember that his contributions went much further than just a simple Apple emblem on your laptop.

The social media erupted in an unprecedented outpouring of grief as technology bigwigs, corporate honchos and Apple fans from across the world mourned the death of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

The news of Jobs’ death triggered a record-breaking outpour on the internet – unconfirmed reports suggest it may have generated 10,000 tweets per second, the Web traffic surging each passing minute.

“Steve, thank you for being a mentor and a friend. Thanks for showing that what you build can change the world. I will miss you,” Facebook Founder and CEO Mr Mark Zuckerberg said on his `wall’. The post got an overwhelming response – nearly 300,000 ‘likes’ at the last count.

Search giant Google too paid homage to late Apple founder on its homepage – right under the search box, the company wrote ‘Steve Jobs, 1955 – 2011′.

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