Social Media More Attractive To Amazon (Finally)

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Who’s Missing?

You may (or may not) have noticed that has been noticeably missing from the social media marketing landscape. Whether this was by design or because they are simply slow on the uptake I don’t know. This week, however, they appear poised to gear up and make a big push toward more social media interaction.

This is good news for everyone in the social media marketing world.

What’s In It For Me?

You might be wondering why it should matter to you if uses social media marketing or not. If you are, you are missing the BIG PICTURE. In the real world the more people that use a service that more opportunities exist for everyone in that industry. So, by NOT having using social media marketing, whether you were aware of it or not, was actually working against you.


What’s Next?

Amazon has been aggressively looking for social media games designers, so that seems like a likely avenue they will be wandering down. But there are also lots of other ways Amazon could make use of social media from both a marketing perspective and as a platform. Amazon has built one of the largest online retailing businesses in the world. This gives them a large audience of devoted users, including the millions of people who post products reviews on their site, so it doesn’t seem much of a stretch to think they might eventually start a new social media service.

Amazon hired a director of social media, John Yurcisin, from WPP’s Ogilvy & Mather earlier this year to help the company come up with social strategies. He is the brother of Jeff Yurcisin, the general manager of, an apparel retail website owned by Amazon.

The company is also building a Social Games Group to take on Zynga, the leader in the space which is preparing for an initial public offering.

Amazon is hiring developers and engineers for the effort. A poster in a kitchen area on Amazon’s new Seattle campus unveiled the Social Games Group as “Worldwide Breaking News.”

“The Group is growing fast!” Amazon said on the poster. “We’re actively looking.”

The company poster expresses most interest in software development engineers and Flash developers, the latter likely referring to Adobe System’s Flash, which is used to add video, animation and other interactive content to websites.

Amazon has also posted social games jobs on LinkedIn and tech jobs website One August 15 LinkedIn posting for a Senior Social Games engineer said the group is “working on a cutting edge initiative within Amazon.

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