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Social Media Is Mobile

Let’s face it, most of the fun we derive from using social media is the ability to share information on the go. What good is it post pictures and information from where we were yesterday? We want to do everything right now–meaning we need mobility.

That’s the key to social media marketing. Mobility.

Social media would not have risen to prominence so quickly without the ability to use it from a mobile device. Whether you are using a tablet computer a smartphone or some other mobile, internet ready device, you want your social media to go with you wherever you go. For social media marketers that is the key to any successful social media marketing plan. Your business needs to not only be avilable via social media, but your social media network should be optimized for mobile users.

Customers who use internet ready devices are statistically more likely to make a purchase. Because they are more tech savvy they tend to rely on their technology to get things done. If they are looking for a decent restaurant they are more likely to search for one from their smartphone while they are in their car, rather than search for one on their home computer before they leave the house. This means your restaurant should be visible to social media users. The same goes for hardware stores, clothing stores, bakeries, bars and any place that relies at least partially on walk-in customers.

I have said it before and it’s worth repeating: There are no hard and fast rules for developing and using an effective social media marketing campaign, but there are some important guidelines.

Being mobile should be at the top of that list.


More than 200 million Facebook users access Facebook from mobile devices every month, according to Facebook. If your business wants its share of those mobile eyeballs, it’s time to combine your social media marketing with mobile marketing.

Some consumers have embraced mobile-social interactions without much interference from marketers, mostly because the major social networks seem to have been relatively slow in developing opportunities to market to mobile-social users. That doesn’t mean you have to be as slow moving.

Here are three ways you can drive more social-mobile interactions with your business while you wait for more abundant social-mobile marketing opportunities to emerge.

Click here to read more about mobile social media.

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