Social Media Means Earning Your Own Way

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It’s Not Easy Street

When it comes to social media marketing some people think everything comes up roses, no weeding required. This simply is not the case. In fact, without a well-managed social media marketing plan all your hard work creating profiles and accounts will produce just a handful of visitors and very little in the way of increased revenue.


Social Media Marketing Means Work

Your social media network requires a professional approach. You have to manage it properly if you expect any returns on your investment. If you tell me it didn’t cost you anything, well, then I’m going to tell you, you get what you pay for.


Free Is Good; Successful Is Better

What you really want to do is write a very specific social media marketing plan with well defined goals that show the steps you need to take to get there. You must remember, however, that the process is closer to a marathon than it is to a sprint. You have build gradually, utilizing the network to grow and encourage conversations about your brand, product or company. This second-hand networking is where the real power of social media marketing comes into play. This is where the BIG BUCKS can be found.


Unfortunately this type of response doesn’t arrive over night. It must be cultivated. And the best way to grow your garden of social media marketing tools is to employ a social media marketing professional.


Most business owners interested in social media ultimately want to figure out how to market themselves effectively.

Marketing is the business objective that can be the most elusive online. Marketing through social media seems straightforward but in reality requires a very clear understanding of the unique ways to participate.

There are really three levels of social media marketing to pursue: owned; purchased and earned. Each level increases the opportunities for marketing success but also increases the level of difficulty.

Owned social media marketing represents any social media profiles that you create, such as your Facebook business page or your LinkedIn profile. You have the ability to make these profiles whatever you want.

With Facebook, you can brand the page, create personalized tabs and post whatever content you like. There’s no guarantee anyone will actually view your Facebook business page, but it’s free and you own it.

Similarly, your LinkedIn profile is free and is owned marketing. You create your own professional headline, outline your summary and specialties, highlight your past and current roles, and can even embed a PowerPoint presentation or a YouTube video. Again, there’s no guarantee anyone will visit your profile, but you can make it whatever you want.

Owned social media marketing seems to be the extent to which most businesses participate. Ask those business owners about their success and invariably they say they’ve achieved no results and have almost given up. Their strategy generally involved setting up a profile then sitting back and waiting for the magic to happen.

In reality, owned social media marketing isn’t likely to generate much in the way of results. You get what you pay for; it’s free.

Purchased social media marketing represents online advertising you participate in through social networking sites and requires an investment of cash. Facebook ads and LinkedIn ads both represent some of the most powerful forms of advertising available to business owners.

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