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Need A Job? Start Tweeting

Social media is a arguably the most powerful communication tool ever created by human intelligence. You can now reach more people, faster and in more ways, than ever before. This is great news for people with something to market, whether it is a business, a brand or themselves.

That’s right. Social media marketing also works for job seekers.

Job seekers have had success finding work searching for positions by posting to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The key to successfully finding work via social media marketing is to be subtle in your actions. Don’t broadcast the fact you are unemployed and desperate. Instead, use your social media network to your advantage. Ask questions and communicate your skills to people you know who might in turn know people in need of your services.

You can use sites such as LinkedIn to make clear what your skills are and what type of work you can do. This is much like being a fish in a bog pond waiting be hooked, but it has worked before. You should also consider sharing your knowledge through all your social media services. Tweeting information that others might find useful is a great way to get ReTweeted, and noticed by someone looking for an expert in your field.

Being unemployed puts you in a difficult position but it doesn’t mean you have to wait around for something to happen. Using your existing skill set and the potential of the various social media networks you can aggressively pursue new work and take your destiny into your own hands.

The Northwest Wisconsin Workforce Investment Board, Inc. will be presenting the workshops “Using Social Media to Market Yourself as a Job Seeker” and “I’m LinkedIn . . . Now What? An Intro to Social Media for Your Business”.

“Using Social Media to Market Yourself as a Job Seeker” will show job seekers how to use LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to market themselves to employers. With 96 percent of Americans on Facebook alone, it is important to have the skills to shine out above the rest. The workshop will explain the expectations for each social media site and provide tools and resources to enhance a job seeker’s online presence. The concept of personal branding, an individual’s entire online presence, plays a big role.

“Personal branding is what you are presenting to potential employers through social media networks, blogs, websites, and everything else,” said Melissa Burris, public information coordinator for NWWIB and workshop presenter. “What’s great about personal branding is that it’s controlled by you. What I do in my workshop is explain how to use social networking sites to benefit employment goals.”

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