Social Media Marketing To The Sexes

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Who’s Best? Both!

Are men or women more likely to use social media? As in, is the most active social media user a man or a woman? That’s a tough question because it is very much like comparing apples and oranges. Some recent market analysis shows that men and women both use social media but they use it quite differently. Men prefer to use it as a soapbox while women prefer to socialize.

Sounds like conventional wisdom, doesn’t it?

The Same But Different

As it happens, understanding how men and women use social media helps marketers better target their messages. Because men and women use social media differently this provides a dual opportunity for marketers who have a message to spread. By analyzing the demographics of social media users marketers are better able to identify what works, and who is likely to see their message.

What’s Your Message?

This brings me around to you and the message you need to spread. Does it help you to know how best to market your message for men, versus women? Or does your message play across all demographics?

Despite knowing how men and women differ in their social media usage, analytics for social media usage in general is still sorely lacking. But perhaps this bit of information will tide you over until someone figures out how to put it all in one place.


In the case of communicating with family or work colleagues via social media, women again dominate at a whopping 60% for family and 34% for colleagues, with men only at 42% for family and a measly 22% for co-workers.

The study shows that women, in general, tend to trump men when it comes to media consumption and communication online.
There is one area, however, where men actually do manage to take a short lead, and that is with voice/telephone communication. The math in the following graphic seems a little off when first glancing at the percentage of women and men versus the actual population number, but this can easily be explained.

Out of the 235 million adults living in America, 119 Million are women and 116 Million are men, while 24% of the population is less than 18 years old (numbers based on a 2010 U.S. Census). So in terms of who is actually being included in the survey, women outnumber men in general, not just in the way they choose to communicate and with who.

This study doesn’t fully conclude that there are more women than men actually using social media overall. Rather, it communicates a preference among the two opposites for what medium they choose to communicate through and who they choose to do that communicating with. Purely out of curiosity, we’d like to conduct a small sample survey of our own.


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