Social Media Marketing Straegy – Design Elements Matter

marketing with social media | product design can make them love youIf you are about to launch a new product into the marketplace using a social media marketing strategy, you likely have spent a lot of time researching the demographics of the target audience, developing an integrated marketing plan, and readying your company for the big release or roll-out. When I’m hired as a social media consultant, the first thing I start with is marketing research.

In order to create the right experience, both from a product design perspective and overall brand affinity, I must know who your customers are to determine what they want.  Note it isn’t about what they need, unless you want to be a commodity.  But it’s definitely key to your success to know what they want.  Be what they desire to be something they don’t want to live without.

While these are all important aspects of a successful launch of a new product, it is also critical to spend time exploring the product packaging options available. Marketing with social media requires an over the top brand experience – how your brand translates online is second only to how it feels in their hands at the store.

The key design elements to consider for product packaging are as follows:

  1. Protection – One of the top elements to keep in mind when considering how to best package your product is protection of the goods. You want to make sure that the product is safe from breaking, perishing, or spoiling, and that it cannot be stolen or damaged in any way.
  2. Promotion – The product packaging is a valuable place where you should focus your marketing efforts. The label should display the product, communicate benefits and features, and explore activities and uses associated with it.
  3. Additional Features – The container and labeling should also be user-friendly, providing additional features such as child safety features, preservation tips and advice, other purposes for packaging, and more.

If you are trying to plan for a robust social media marketing plan to have a successful product launch of your new offering to the marketplace, you likely have spent a lot of time, money, and energy developing your item as well as additional time, money, and energy creating a plan of action for launching your product successfully.

While a great social marketing strategy should never be minimized in importance, you should also not forget to address the best packaging for your item as well as to take advantage of its ability to further promote itself to the consumer. If the holy grail in marketing online is customers or potential customers sharing your links and building free buzz – then shouldn’t it be a product they’ll never forget?

Even if it’s “just” an ebook or a white paper, does it have to be as boring as it sounds?  Work on creating a brand that translates visually as you only have a few seconds to grab their attention. More importantly if you want to keep their attention and have them coming back for more, you have to think beyond the click or the sale.

Your best source of profitable revenue will always be from an existing customer.  It costs way more to convince someone to like you than it does to get someone who likes you to love you.  A good social media consultant will design a social media marketing strategy that focuses on building an emotional connection between you and your buyer.

If you have already designed a preliminary package and label for your product, take a second look to ensure it measures up to the tips listed here.