Social Media Marketing Needs SEO

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SEO Is Still Relevant

Now that Google search crawls social media status updates on Facebook and Tweets on Twitter, search engine optimization is more relevant than ever. In fact, it has always been relevant, but not many social media managers remember this when they set about helping you coordinate your plan.

I have always been a huge fan of SEO because it is THE way for people to find your content on the web. Sure, search engines might have been slow to embrace social media as far as including their content in search results, but it was only a matter of time until they did. While other people are scrambling to SEO their Fan pages, our clients are already ready already. This takes a great deal of pressure off them, putting them in the perfect position to reap the benefits of the new definition of search.

Search Engine Optimization is all about making your page noticed when someone does a search for the topic your site is supposed to address. Let’s say your web site is all about selling roofing products. That means your site contains words and phrases relevant to roofing products. So if someone does a search for “shingles” your web site should pop-up at the top of the list. If you are using social media to market your company or brand you want to use the same SEO techniques. Talk about issues which are relevant to your industry and your products; make comments on posts relevant to your topic; engage with others in your industry in order to increase your SEO.

SEO is not going away. Social media is not going away either. What the future holds is a further integration of the two mediums in an effort to better categorize and organize the content on the Internet. By making certain your social media presence is search engine optimized you are making certain all your bases are covered as search results are improved.


Publishing great SEO content is harder than you might think. After all, you need content that wows readers, teaches them something new, and convinces them that you’re a bona-fide expert – all while letting the search engines know exactly what keywords you’re trying to rank for.

Anytime you’re dealing with SEO content, you’re walking a fine line. That next article or blog posting you publish has the potential to make you stand out, make you blend in with the rest of your competitors, or make you look downright bad.

Making matters even more difficult? There are a ton of SEO content myths floating around out there. On the surface, many of them look legitimate – so it can be tough to separate the wisdom from the rubbish. In fact, you may not even know that you’re operating your entire content writing philosophy under a myth!

Are you falling victim to any of these 5 popular SEO content myths?

Click here for the complete list of SEO myths.

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