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Your Favorite Films Going Mobile

Mobile marketing has opened a plethora of new promotional avenues for everything from shampoo to automobiles, but no market has fared better, it seems than the film industry. Movie revenues continue to climb, buoyed in no small part by the massive marketing potential made possible through social media. Facebook pages for films are now expected, as our “leaked” trailers, and other promotional materials aimed directly at the Social Web.

Perhaps the most effective social media marketing tool for films, however, has been the advent of mobile marketing. It is now possible to take aim directly at tech-savvy folks walking around with smartphones in their purse or pocket. These new hyper-capable phones make it possible to upload streaming video, perfect for film trailers, musicians or whatever it is you can sell with a well-made video.

Mobile marketing has been promised as an effective tool for years now, but it is only just recently that enough of these devices were accessible to make a mobile marketing plan make sense. There are currently millions of smartphones in use around the country. A recent USA Today report showed that 2/3 of all adults in the U.S. now carry a smartphone. When you consider that a little over 80 percent use cell phones today it seems to indicate that more and more people are switching from standard cell phones to smartphones. This migration to smartphone technology means more people have access to the latest information, and they are hungry for it.

What good is a smartphone if you don’t do “smartphone” stuff with it?

Hollywood has had the most success integrating mobile marketing techniques into their traditional marketing. Films like Ghostrider: Spirit Of Vengeance showed what a well-aimed social media marketing can accomplish and now every film has its own social media marketing campaign, especially films aimed at a younger, perhaps better connected audience.

This might be why you are seeing so many mobile ads for “The Hunger Games.” The film, based on the popular series for young adults, seems perfect for a mobile media marketing campaign, so why not pursue one?

Makes sense to me and clearly it makes sense to the producers.

“The Hunger Games,” which premieres on March 23, already has a cult-like following, and media forecasts expect it to storm the box office as the first installment in a planned four-movie series. Already, online ticket pre-sales top 1 million from sites like Fandango and, and one uploaded version of the trailer topped 8.1 million views on YouTube, with others gaining millions more.

For months, social media mentions of “The Hunger Games” have introduced millions to the young adult book series that’s captured the attention of fans of all ages. Production company Lionsgate is promoting the first release heavily through online arenas, and fans are chiming in too, as online buzz about an upcoming release becomes one of the primary pushes for a marketing campaign.

Click here to read more about social media promotions for “The Hunger Games.”

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