Social Media Marketing Is “Money in the Bank”

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Traditional media is finally waking up to the new reality: social media is the most powerful communication tool available today. It beats television, radio and even a web site for driving people to action. This most obvious in the entertainment business where major marketing firms are using a social media marketing strategy to replace more traditional and mainstream marketing efforts.

When was the last time you read a critics review of a film or television show and made the decision to go see it? now, when was the last time one of your Facebook friends offered a recommendation that made you take action? I’ll bet the former was a long time ago and the latter probably happened this past week.

When it comes to consumers they want trusted sources of information, especially when the economy is tight and every dollar counts. They don’t want to waste money on a movie they don’t like or waste their time on a television show they won’t enjoy. They know their best sources of information are the friends they hang out with every day. If their best friend enjoyed a movie, or album, or book, they are more likely to consider the same for themselves.

But how do you convince anyone to like and promote your product or company without seeming to pander to the masses? Well, that’s where the services of a professional social media marketer come into play. A professional social media marketer understands relationship marketing and can help you leverage public interest in your favor. They use a combination of techniques and strategies designed with your final goal in mind. Remember, social media marketing is a marathon not a sprint, so don’t expect overnight social media celebrity unless your name is Ashton Kutcher. What you can expect is a coordinated marketing effort that delivers definable results.

In the end that’s all that matters anyway.

“It’s really a one-to-one experience that’s really changed the way we market,” he said, adding that tools like Facebook help forge bonds with viewers. “When you get a response to your question from an anchor, that makes a difference.”

Panelists agreed there are enormous benefits of using social media to engage consumers, creating relationships that ultimately result in increased audiences and, in turn, appeal to advertisers.

But the return on investing in social media “can’t be measured in dollars and cents,” said Dan Shelley, Radio One’s general manager of digital. “The return is in influence and in the number of people you are able to engage and in the plethora of ways you’re able to engage with them,” Shelley said.

Today, Radio One has six times the number of people engaging with it via social media as it did 18 months ago, he said. Engaging audiences on those platforms has been vital in creating communities around Radio One radio stations, he added.

“The point of social media is to obviously create interaction with your audience and connect with your audience on a new and different level,” Shelley said. “By doing so, you create relationships that can grow and build and suddenly your audience is more than just an audience, but a participant.”

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