Social Media Marketing Is All About Making Friends

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Be Friendly
That is rule number one when it comes to social media marketing.

Social media is all about being social, which means, in essence, being friendly. That is the new paradigm: Relationship Marketing.

If you want to make a sale using social media you need to first make a friend.

Fact that it may be, not everyone using social media for marketing purposes has figured that out yet. They still blast messages through their Twitter account or post repeated sales pitches across their Facebook status updates, only to see their Friends, Fans and Followers decline.

The rules for social media marketing are much the same as the rules for socializing at a dinner party. If you are a bore; if you bombard people with conversations which revolve you, your business and what you want to sell them, you will soon find yourself alone in a corner with no one to talk to.

Lucky for you (If you are among those who still JUST DON”T GET IT) help is available. Marketing on social media is a learned skill. If you don’t want to hire a social media marketing professional to help you with your social media marketing, then consider signing yourself up for a class to help you navigate the socially accepted methods you can employ, before you start turning people away….

Search Engines and Social Media have changed the way consumers research products and make purchase decisions–businesses must start engaging more with their customers. The SEO and Social Media Success Online Seminar will teach the new rules of marketing and how to take advantage of search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM) opportunities. The seminar is holding a one-hour complimentary preview webinar on August 25th at 10 am on ‘Friendship Marketing: How To Turn Google and Facebook Into Profit Centers’.

During this training class, Evan Bailyn (Search and Social Media Marketing expert) will teach B2B and B2C marketers the latest tips and strategies for Google and social media marketing using Facebook. This will be the final preview class leading up to the SEO & Social Media Success Online Seminar which will be held on September 7-27, 2011. The seminar will bring together world-class search and social media leaders who will present actionable strategies during 18 conveniently held online classes.

“We’re excited to connect this impressive search and social expert line-up with marketers who want to learn profitable tactics shaping search and social media marketing. The expert instructors will cover it all–from lead generation to improving customer conversion rates.” says Mary O’Brien, PPC Summit and SEO and Social Media Success Founder.

Evan Bailyn, Founder of First Page Sage, will share tactical and practical lessons learned from successful search and social media marketing campaigns. Designed to help B2B and B2C learn how to maximize Google and Facebook marketing results, the training will reveal:

Ranking at the top of Google, above your competition!
Building a massive social media presence using Facebook
Looking at the future of search engine marketing & social media
Making SEO and social media marketing work for B2B and B2C

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