Social Media Marketing Has Rules, You Know (Or Maybe You Don’t)

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Investment in social media marketing has steadily increased over the past year and market analysts say that trend is likely to continue for at least the next 18 months. With all this money flowing into social media marketing you might think everything is coming up roses, right?




Stay On The Right Path

Despite the plethora of social media marketing professionals available to help businesses navigate the sometimes confusing landscape of social media marketing some companies are still running afoul of policies put in place to limit how these sites are used for marketing.

These types of mis-steps can lead to Twitter accounts being shut down; Fan pages being removed and various other account suspensions. These social media networks have rules in place for a reason, and if you fail to follow them you can undo all the hard work that had previously gone into building your network. It can also lead to embarassment and a disconnect with your customers.


Take Precautions

The best way to avoid these types of errors is to rely upon the expertise of a social media professional. These individuals have experience navigating the waters of social media. They understand the rules and know how to leverage these social media to get the best possible returns for your business. They can protect you from making a costly mistake and continue to grow your network, instead of wasting time renegotiating with a social media service to re-establish your account.


Companies are throwing hard-earned social media marketing budgets down the drain by failing to comply with the marketing policies of the biggest platforms, the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has warned.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube each have their own policies regarding the hosting of marketing promotions, games and apps. Marketers must design their campaigns around these requirements, or platforms have the right to exclude campaigns for not meeting their criteria.

Social media marketing has experienced a boom in the past couple of years; according to figures published by the Internet Advertising Bureau in March 2011, UK companies spent £132m on social media marketing during 2010 – 14% of total expenditure on online display marketing. This represents a year-on-year rise of 200%.

The DMA has launched a new free service, the Social Media Helpdesk to provide practical advice on complying with the marketing policies of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. This service is being run in conjunction with Syncapse. The helpdesk is a free service for DMA members. Marketers can contact the helpdesk on (020) 7291 3360 or email
Richard Evans, the DMA’s head of legal and compliance services, said that the DMA Social Media Helpdesk will help marketers avoid making costly mistakes: “Social media platforms have strict rules concerning the marketing apps, games and promotions they accept on their websites. Marketers need to do their homework on these conditions and restrictions, or else they run the real risk of producing work that platforms refuse to host.

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