Social Media Marketing Focuses On Affluent Shoppers

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Where The Money Is

If you are looking to target online shoppers who have the capacity to shop, meaning they can afford to buy things, then social media is the right tool for you. More and more research is showing that not only are social media users more likely to shop online they are also more affluent.

This is the perfect storm of success for businesses looking to sell a product.

Which Tool For You

The next question you need to ask yourself is what tool will work best for you as you go out to reach these savvy online shoppers. Most people today are turning directly to Facebook. And for good reason. With more than 750 million users Facebook represents the world’s largest online community. By reaching a larger (potential) audience you clearly stand the best chance of making a sale, right? Not always. In fact, you might consider taking a more targeted approach depending on exactly what sort of business you have and exactly who you are trying to reach.

The best idea is to hire a social media marketing professional to help you identify the best tools to use for your business and the best way to market your business online.

B2C clothing retailers targeting shoppers online may want to refocus their efforts to include affluent shoppers as a primary target audience, a new study from Unity Marketing reveals.

Sixty-five percent of affluent shoppers say they have been influenced by a social media marketing campaign.

In the past, many businesses only targeted young people with social marketing campaigns. However, the growth of social media marketing has penetrated far more demographics than some believed it would.

Unity Marketing president Pam Danziger said that the majority of social users are young people, but she believes audiences with greater buying power are beginning to use social channels more frequently.

“Without a doubt the population using social media skews young, but luxury fashion brands need to be aware that these media are powerful influencers of shoppers with a great deal of discretionary income and high-net-worth,” Danziger said in a release ” The study found that “nearly half of the [fashion customers with incomes greater than $250,000] surveyed were spurred by information gathered via social media to visit websites, shop in retail stores and to make a decision about which luxury fashion brand to purchase.”

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