Social Media Marketing At The Digital Summit At The Cobb Galleria

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social media marketingDuring the recent Digital Summit at the Cobb Galleria the talk of the event was, of course, social media marketing. Social media marketing is sweeping the globe. With the power of the Internet superhighway, businesses now stand a better chance than ever before of connecting with customers both in their neighborhood and halfway around the world. Twitter was especially popular at the Digital Summit at the Cobb Galleria. This might be a little bit of the micro-blogging aspect or maybe the fact the site is still growing, having not yet reached its fullest potential. Whatever the reason the Digital Summit at the Cobb Galleria brought some of the nation’s greatest marketers together to share ideas and talk about the future of social media marketing.

Many of the folks arriving at the Digital Summit at the Cobb Galleria today tweeted they were impressed with the attendance. By the time the event cranked up, some noted you could tell what the hot topic of the moment was as people packed the Social Media Marketing panel, which one person in the room estimated at about 400.

It featured Natalie Johnson, manager of Digital and Social Media (and “happiness ambassador”) at the Coca Cola Co., Bert DuMars, vice president of E-Business and Interactive Marketing at Newell Rubermaid, and Liza Arango, social commerce lead at AT&T. They all provided take-aways tweeted by more than one in attendance. It’s amazing, actually, how the major ideas of each speaker show up in repeated tweets. (You can follow tweets from the event (@#dsum11).

Here’s a sample:

A company doesn’t own the brand, the consumer does.

Fish where the fish are – be with your customers in their space. Let go, give up control and let fans create the content.

You will learn more from your customers than from your company.

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