Social Media Marketing – 3 Branding Strategies You Need to Follow

Social Media Marketing Branding Strategies

marketing with social media | stand out from the crowdSocial media marketing and  branding are two of the most important things you can do for your company.  When done successfully, it ensures that your brand is recognized and unique in the marketplace.

There are various approaches that you will want to follow when embarking into the social media marketing world..

Some are fairly obvious, such as developing a unique company logo and smacking that logo on all of your letterhead, e-mail correspondence, business cards, and so forth. There are some other strategies, though, that you may not have thought of yet, and these strategies can really help you take your brand to a new and exciting level of success through recognition:

1. Social Media – You likely have considered using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others for marketing & branding.  Perhaps you already have a presence on some of these sites now.

However, generally, companies who have employed social media marketing for branding purposes have not used it as effectively as possible. To use it effectively, you should create planned, scheduled posts that have a strategic purpose of developing customer loyalty and promoting retention. The posts should tie to your own company website, your blog posts, and other areas of the Internet where you have a presence.

2. Free Content When marketing with social media , there is a right way and a wrong way to use free content for your marketing & branding efforts. Examples of this include giving out samples, a free guide book, and so forth. The trick to doing this effectively is to make sure that whatever freebie you are giving out has value in some way. It should promote your brand as well as inform, create need, and so forth. In addition, it ideally will create a buzz to create a viral effect to generate more interest and awareness of your brand.

3. BloggingBlogging serves many purposes, and marketing branding is typically considered to be among the most important. You want to create a quality blog that answers questions, creates need and loyalty, and generates interest in your company. It can certainly help to boost your rankings on search engine results to have regularly updated content, but it also will help to develop your brand. If you don’t have time to write a regular blog, you can easily outsource the writing assignments to freelance writers or someone else in your organization.

There certainly is a lot to know and understand about social media marketing and branding in 2011.

As you can see, there may be things that you haven’t yet thought about to develop and promote your brand image. There may also be other things that you have started implementing in your organization but that perhaps you haven’t fully implemented and taken full advantage of for your social media marketing campaigns.

The world of marketing is a rapidly evolving industry, and the industry is constantly trying to take advantage of new technology to really create interest, generate awareness, and ultimately boost profits for your organization. The ideas listed here are just a few of many possibilities for you to consider as you work toward improving your own organization’s brand recognition.