Social Media Management A Requirement For ALL Business

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social media marketingThere are a wealth of social media management tools and every one of them belongs in your company’s tool kit. It is not enough to just pick one of two social media management tools and use them until you wear them out. Today’s savvy business owner needs to understand the importance of using every tool in the arsenal to leverage the maximum amount of traffic to your web site or store front. Just as every tool in a tool box does a specific task, so too does every social media management tool perform a specific task, by reaching a particular audience in a particular way.
Don’t neglect any of your potential audience members because you were too lazy to learn how to use a new social media management tool!

Facebook Places pages aren’t the same as ordinary Facebook Pages. Facebook Pages are for interacting with a brand. Facebook Places are for interacting with a specific brand location. They don’t offer the ability to write on the wall, upload photos, or engage in brand conversation. However, Facebook Places pages allow people to do things that can’t be done on on typical Facebook Pages: they can view a map, get directions, check-in, redeem Facebook Deals, and “like” the specific brand-related branches, offices, or locations.

The biggest difference? Facebook pages are optional — they must be created. Facebook Places aren’t optional — they must be claimed. For companies that use both, Facebook provides the capability to merge the two pages into a hybrid page with the features of both. This used to be an painful process. However, the process was recently automated by Facebook which automatically merges Pages and Places pages with same street address.

According to Forrester research, 86 percent of Facebook marketers had multiple fan pages to manage when Facebook Places launched last August. Now, many organizations are creating individual Fan pages for each geographic location so they can leverage the power of Facebook Deals, Facebook Places, and brand interaction at the local level.

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