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As if the fact it is the greatest mass communication tool ever created by humanity isn’t enough, now researchers say those people who use social media are showing signs of increasing intelligence. Well, at least their brains are getting bigger.

Of course, I knew this all along.

Anyone who uses social media for something other than virtual farming and Mafia gangs knows that it requires more than a passing glance from time to time. It requires your complete and full attention. Often it requires multi-tasking, controlling more than two separate social media accounts at the same time. You have to manage multiple accounts, communicate with a multitude of individuals, manage multiple marketing campaigns and craft and coordinate a near endless stream of original marketing messages for your various social media networks.

With all this mental activity going on it’s no wonder our brains are growing. They are perhaps getting more exercise than ever before. We not only use our brains for our normal day-to-day activity, we also use them for our extensive social media networks, performing a variety of tasks that take us through auditory, visual and assorted other mental stimuli.

This is not another sign of the effectiveness of social media marketing, true. But it is a sure sign that social media is changing the world we live in, forever. The sooner you realize this the sooner you can start leveraging the power of social media marketing for your own benefit.

The more Facebook friends you have, the more grey matter you have in certain parts of the brain.

That’s what the work published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B Biological Sciences is saying. They looked at 125 3D brain scans of university students from London and counted the number of Facebook friends each had. They also assessed the size of their network of real friends.

What they discovered is that there is a correlation on the amount of grey matter in three parts of the brain with how wide a person’s online network is.

One part of the brain that is said to be affected is the amygdala. This is the region responsible for memory and emotional responses.

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