Social Media Makes Flying Easier

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Airlines, much like the rest of the business world, are quickly discovering that an effective social media marketing campaign can help them expand their business, connect better with existing customers and drive revenue to the bottom line. This move toward social media is proving beneficial for the airline industry and for the people who like to fly to their destination. Now, communicating with your airline of choice is as easy as finding their Facebook Fan page or Twitter account.

The unexpected benefit of using social media is the way it improves your ability to communicate with your customers. This type of immediate feedback makes it possible to fix a problem before it begins to snowball out of control. If a customer has a bad experience and mentions it on their social media network, you can find it almost immediately and begin the process of rectifying the problem. This makes for improved customer relations and a better public image for your company. With airlines facing an extended period of economic difficulty and public image faux pas, every little positive step in the right direction counts as two.

For customers looking to save money on a flight the use of social media can make a big difference. Through the use of social media there are now more ways than ever before to find the right flight for you. And if you have a bad experience dealing with an airline, you now have options when it comes to communicating your problem with them. This improved level of communication is a win/win situation for everyone.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and mobile apps… welcome to the new standard of communication. Many passengers and airlines are now corresponding through a variety of social media, mobile sites and apps, and other online-only channels, also known as e-services. With well more than 7 million collective followers on Twitter and counting and, in many cases, dedicated customer support and booking agents standing by to respond to social media requests, the airlines have capitalized on these channels to connect directly with customers. Savvy travelers should be prepared to take full advantage….”It wasn’t that long ago when the best way to ask an airline a question, voice a concern, or check in for your flight was through long phone menus, visiting an airline office in person, or by sitting at your home computer,” said Lauren Sullivan, site editor for “Nowadays, things have changed dramatically thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones, tablets and growth of social media. This change is continuing to grow so now’s the time to jump on board, if you haven’t already, and start an ongoing online relationship with your favorite airlines.”

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