Social Media Makes Better Television

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lori r taylor, revmediamarketing, social media, social media marketing, branding, product branding, networking, oneclicksocietyIf you need proof that social media can make television better, consider the ratings bonanza afforded to the new show, “The Voice” on NBC.
Like “American Idol”, which is prepping its 11th season, “The Voice” promises to make its winning contestant a star, and offers them all some one-on-one time with established musicians/producers before they get there.
The contestants on “The Voice” are no more talented than those on any other of the musical reality shows out there. What makes “The Voice” different is the fact they have totally embraced social media.

The contestants Tweet, the judges Tweet; there are messages posted on Facebook pages and the contestants are peppered witrh questiones submitted by fans via the social media network. It’s amazing the way they have accepted social media and wrapped their show around it.

Some folks believe social media and the greater Internet will eventually lead to the destruction of television as we know it. I prefer to believe, and am confident of my belief, that social media and the greater Internet will only make television better.

With “American Idol” off preparing for season 11, fans of singing-themed reality TV are left with NBC’s “The Voice,” a show with dramatically lower production values, a convoluted set of contest rules and segments during which the show’s celebrity artist coaches get to ramble on for way too long.

Carson Daly, the show’s host, is no Ryan Seacrest. And the contestants … well, the singers are such that during the selection process early in its season, some rejects were asked back because the coaches didn’t fill all their teams during the initial tryouts.

“The Voice” has offered one forgettable musical performance after another, for the most part, but what it has done remarkably well is integrate social media into its mechanics. The show has completely signed on to social media, showing viewer and celebrity tweets during live broadcasts, asking contestants questions sent in by viewers through Facebook and even dedicating a special backstage area staffed by a social media hostess, Alison Haislip.

The social media news site Mashable offers an exclusive look into how “The Voice” executed its social media maelstrom, including a gallery of behind-the-scenes photos illustrating the machinery in action that is well worth checking out.

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