Social Media Leaders Feast on Feedback: 3 Ways How

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3 Ways Successful Social Media Leaders Use Feedback

3 Ways Successful Social Media Leaders Use FeedbackFeedback is essential for all business leaders. Offline, it’s extremely hard to get. Online, it’s a click away.

Do you know for sure how many people read your article in the Washington Post, whether your appearance on Tyra was worth the effort, and how many recommendations you received because of your ad in your local newspaper? This feedback gives you a deeper understanding of your audience needs.

1 – Be Successful by Listening

Do you remember the Hans Christian Anderson story The Emperor’s New Clothes? Do you remember how everyone refused to tell the Emperor exactly what they saw for fear of being ridiculed by their neighbor? Do you also remember how the story ended, with a little boy proving the Emperor was a vain, arrogant, and stupid man, and everyone around him was ignorant and cowardly?

Everyone knows this story, yet there are many businesses that take the Emperor’s approach to their business. They refuse to listen to what their audience is saying and only hear what they want to.
You must know what people are saying and hear the truth in their tweeting. Social media places few boundaries around honesty, and those businesses that recognize this are the ones who will most effectively build their brand. They know when to rest, when to react, when to build, and which direction to take their campaigns.

With so many people interacting at once and everyone typing at the speed of thought, there are thousands of messages for you to filter each day. Using tools and alerts will make it easier to sift through the clutter and find messages directly relating to you and your brand. You decide whether to react immediately, track the conversation, or ignore it.

By reading your comments, you will learn which products are working, which aren’t, and which need positive networking to sway public perception.

You can also see where your campaign needs tweaking and restructuring.

2 – Be Successful by Responding

Your audience doesn’t want to be in a one-sided conversation any more than you do.

According to data supplied by Mashable, as many as 77% of messages won’t need any response, but ignoring the remaining 23% could cause significant damage to your brand if they are not dealt with promptly. These could be customer concerns, comments about the company, or feedback on the product or service. Each comment left without a response carries a storm’s potential. Respond to direct messages sent by real people 100% of the time.

Not doing so is like picking up the phone when it rings but not talking to the person on the other end of it! It leaves your audience dazed, confused, and put off by your brand.

Don’t forget to say thanks!

People like to communicate, and they like to help others.

One of the best ways to build your brand, grow your authority, and display your humanity is to say, “Thank you”. You can do this by direct message, reciprocation, and recognition.

If people find a helpful resource through one of your tweets or updates, they will often give you credit by retweeting and sharing, mentioning your name as they do so. When people are helping you grow your authority, it is nice to acknowledge them with a quick message or reciprocate by sharing their work (if it is quality content, relevant to your audience).

Genuine appreciation helps you stand out from social media users who ignore their audience and can easily lead to increased opportunities for future networking.

Build conversations

Whenever you have comments, whether on your blog, Facebook, in a forum, on LinkedIn, or any other site, you should always respond in kind, even if it is just to like that comment.

Responses create conversations, and the more conversation you have, the deeper your understanding and appreciation of your audience. This will make you better at connecting with them, makes you more approachable, and allows you to easily recognize and fulfill their needs.

3 – Be Successful by Creating Results

The more you understand your audience, the better positioned you are to serve them. You serve by providing results, and you provide results by first understanding need.

Doing this successfully creates a cycle of continual learning and a tribe that grows with you. Every question is another opportunity to show your authority and add additional value. Use your feedback, comments, and shares to see what the needs of your audience are and give them the results that they crave.

Each question and result lets you teach your audience. This empowers them and allows them to become authorities in your niche as well.

Over to You

How do you use social media feedback in your business?


This blog post is an excerpt from the Social Caffeine ebook, 15 Things You Can Do to Make Your Social Media Successful. Download your copy from Amazon here. Amazon UK users: get your copy here.

David is Social Caffeine’s acting editor. He’s British, but we don’t hold that against him.

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