Social Media Landscape Gets The Once Over

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lori r taylor, revmedimarketing, social media, social media marketing, branding, product branding, networking, oneclicksocietyIf you have an effective social media marketing program (and I hope you do) how well does it reach the audience you want to reach?
It seems everyone is capable of starting a social media marketing campaign, creating an abundance of micro-blogging sites, joining Facebook and possibly FourSquare, but when it comes to knowing how far their network reaches and whether or not it gets their message across, most companies fail miserably.
SociView is a new company that hopes to give you a better view of your properties and let you know what is working, where and with whom.
Having a social media campaign is one thing. Having it work to get you the results you are looking for is something else altogether. It takes time to build and effectively wield a social media campaign and companies like SociView are aiming to help you do both.

SociView™ was publicly launched today to support organizations in organizing their social-media landscape to instill best practice and generate sales opportunities. Founder Chris Sykes, Chief Executive of Volume Ltd, worked closely with large international organizations to address issues arising from marketing across social channels and identified a lack of social-media tools in their portfolios. Whilst in its beta phase, SociView™ has been used to help a number of Fortune 500 companies attain visibility across their organization’s social universe.

“The concept of SociView™ is simple: just ask yourself how many social-media accounts your company has. Where are they, who owns them and how effective are they? Are they representative of your brand and do they have a positive or negative influence? SociView™ answers all these questions”, said Sykes.

SociView™ collates a company’s social accounts and instances into a single dashboard. These instances are then individually categorized, ranked and rated to show relevance and impact on the brand. SociView™ categorizes each instance, as “official”, “endorsed”, “unofficial” or “other”. A custom-developed “Sociscore” is automatically applied to show how each instance is performing. Companies can benchmark their social accounts against each other to establish best practice, compliance and corporate governance. SociView™ also measures performance against competitors’ social accounts. Being able to easily assess the quality and effectiveness of company-owned social-media instances enables marketing executives to have greater control and influence on messaging and content.

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