Social Media Is The New Secret To Sales

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social media marketingOk, maybe it’s not new and it’s certainly not a secret any more, but social media sure does drive sales like nothing that has come before it. Don’t take my word for it, ask Groupon. That company has made millions using social networking and social media in general to produce and distribute coupons around the world. Some of its earliest clients complained because they were absolutely inundated with people wanting the daily deals. There is also LivingSocial, the new Bing’s Mobile Deals tool, and the new Facebook Deals. These are all companies that have staked their reputations (and their investment dollars) on the belief that social media will drive sales.
For another sign that social media drives sales look at the sheer number of businesses which have a Facebook Fan page a Twitter account or some sort of mobile smartphone app. They know what you and every business owner should know by now: social media drives sales. If you have something to sell, you better be using social media to do it or you are missing out on some massive sales potential.

When it comes to advertising, if you currently place print ads or buy commercials in traditional media–newspapers, magazines, radio and TV–and find it valuable, you’ll want to use social sites such as Groupon to sell your product or service.

As with any advertising you pay money to get your message in front of the public, but you have complete control of that message. While you end up with a greatly reduced price for a specific product or service, you can sell more than what you put on the site and you can sell it to an immense new audience.

If you see the value of television as a promotional tool, now’s the time to put your videos on YouTube. You can have your own show, your own channel, and you can have it for free!

As actual TV watching declines (just as fewer homes have land-line phones, fewer homes have sets), YouTube has grown. With tablets like the iPad becoming ubiquitous, the site’s two billion viewers a day will only increase. Start with a good story, one that benefits your audience, and you’ll get viewers. Think more about creating engagement than worrying about production values.

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